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Wanting to Make Tons of Money Stops You From Earning Money

Some time ago, I had a call with a new prospective coach to help me work through some of my deeper blocks...

We spoke a lot about money, naturally. This is what I teach, it's what I talk about, every month 1 of the 3 intentions I set is about money.

Then she asked me 'Why?'

'Why what?'

'Why is money so important to you?' 

I felt a bit nervous like I was going to be judged by my answer like it needed to be more than just about me wanting nice things and to live a badass life.

But the truth is I already have nice things and live a fucking incredible life. So why? Why do I want more?

At the time I gave an answer about freedom, which is definitely a BIG part of it. But I already have that too.

So there is something else to it. Perhaps something that I'm ashamed or afraid of? 

This morning as I was journaling I remembered when I would spend everything I had at Uni right down to the last $1. What was with that?

It was like I was more comfortable not having money than I was feeling wealthy. 

Then it came to me. If I had everything I wanted and everything I needed what would be my driver? I would become lazy and have no purpose. 

So I was making money and sometimes self-sabotaging my potential so I don't quite reach my goals means I can continue to chase, to have a purpose. 

But the truth is purpose is not the purpose at all. The purpose is us, the universe chose us to be here, the purpose is to show up as who we are not at 50% but at 1000%. We can be more of who we are when we have support and wealth.

Want to take your money & life to the next stage? Book in a chat with me here xxx

You can also take part in the self-study course I’ve prepared. It’s called Invest Like a Queen and will give you all the basics you need in order to take the steer in your own hands!

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