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What a bitch...yep that's sometimes me

Inner solidness, that voice, that command that is unwavering.. The one I used to think was a bitch. The one I used to think was audacious. The one I used to think was ludicrous. The one I used to hide in the back and convince myself not to listen, when really deep down I knew. I knew that what she said was the truth of alignment... Alignment to what? To what turns me on, to what gets my fire going. The freedom to light the fire, to feel the heat, to watch the licking flame UNDISTURBED by the 'shoulds'. To make the money that I want, the way I want. To work with clients who excite me and to say no to anyone who doesn't. To be in a romantic relationship that feels exciting, that is not defined by words like 'loyalty' and 'commitment'. And instead is based on desire, curiosity and choice, and we choose each other because of the desire, curiosity & freedom. To walk away from interactions & ties that are anything less than soul sparking. To say what I actually think and feel without the filter. To say no, to walk away, to not be available for anything less than what I desire. No. I'm not available to dance with you, I'm not available to sit with you, I'm not available to hang out, I'm not available to work with you. I'm not available to go on a date with you. No reason why, no need to explain or justify. Imagine that? To say NO to the shit that just doesn't interest you, and NOT to justify, or analysis it. When most people listen to this voice and say no they spend so much energy justififying it to themselves afterwards, and often they'll reach back out because they 'feel bad' and say yes again. Trust yourself. That is freedom, that is truth, that is alignment. Interactions based on internal truth is real intimacy. When we say no we magnetise what we actually desire. I was speaking to a client recently about releasing the inner bitch... When I decided what I was unavailable one the biggest shifts was that I stopped receiving unsolicited advice. In fact no one EVER gives me advice anymore, unless I pay for it, and even then I wouldn't really call it advice. My family never gives me advice or questions what I do or say, naked photos? sex? they actually love it!... Yes my parents are awesome, but it's also because I'm unavailable to receive feedback from ANYWAY. How self-important? Nope. I'm not open for your feedback, I'm not open for your opinion, and I'm definitely not open for you to 'pick my brain' for free. Unless I ask. And if I ask it's someone who has what I desire in that area of life. I don't give a fuck what your qualifications are, what I care about is how do you embody what you are preaching? I can hand on my heart say I embody EVERYTHING I teach & share, I'm definitely not perfect, it's what I aim for, but I'm pretty damn close... When I worked in finance most advisors would advice clients to invest in portfolios that they didn't invest in themselves...that to me is totally out of integrity... If you're selling something, teaching something, then for me to listen to you, you better be doing it yourself. What a bitch. Yep. PS- School of Money is OPEN for enrollment, this course is pretty much all of my teaching combined into one program!... Learn everything about money, investment, money mindset and practical money management. Call in wealth and know how to manage it. Click here to find out more and join up now to get access to the coaching calls right away.

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