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What cost does wealth, money & riches come at?

Wealth does not come at a sacrifice.

It's not wealth at the expense of love, beauty, relationships, art, time, integrity or compassion.

The beliefs around what we have to do & who we have to be in order to be wealthy is what asks for the sacrifice.

The limitations around our own sense of personal value & worthiness is what shakes our hands so we soon drop the enjoyment of the wealth that enters our life.

The stories of Tattslotto winners destined for horrors after they win big. This has everything to do with their own worthiness and beliefs.

That money is inherently evil, or because nothing comes for free, or real wealth only comes from hard work, or that money complicates life...I could go on for days.

And when we look at our own lives, have you ever had something wonderful show up in your life? A large amount of money? A loving partner? A great career opportunity? But shortly after something disastrous happened?

And if you really asked yourself as soon as the 'thing' came into your world you had this strange feeling that it wasn't quite right.

Then it burst, a problem arose again, and there was some mild relief.

It feels familiar, you're more comfortable with not having it all, more comfortable with having a problem to solve.

This is program was installed in me, creating upper limits, running unconsciously.

Sabotaging wealth, relationships, health & general joy in life.

To hold the quality of life that we desire, the wealth that we desire, comes from creating an inner terrain that has no question of worthiness.

It comes from a decision to see that you already have it all.

A decision that a wealthy person looks like you. That a loveable person looks like you. That a creative person looks like you.

And that you already have access to limitless wealth, love, creativity right now. The well is inside of you.

When we know that we always have more than enough, the grasping, the needing, the chasing is not necessary, we see how futile it is.

We stop doing X to get Y. And we start doing X because it turns us on, and then Y just shows up and we hardly even notice because we are busy enjoying our life right now.

Looking for proof to blow up the limitations is often not possible at the beginning of reprogramming. We have all collected a tonne of proof FOR those beliefs.

Because we think that what we've seen is the truth. But we saw with limited eyes. We saw what our beliefs told us was truth.

Now we start to see what we didn't see, and we start to create what we see.

But it starts with faith, there will be a recalibration period, it will feel like a test. Do you really trust the world of possibility when the proof has not shown up yet?

Or do you go back to where it feels safe & familiar with a celling and walls to keep you warm in your limitations?

It trust that it all arrives exactly in the perfect time. And to be open to receiving something beyond what you even imagined.

But beyond that, it's presence, yes we still desire and follow our callings, but not from a place where the future is the holy grail. It's from a place of being turned on right now, not even because that puts us in the frequency to receive, because that still has an objective, but purely for

Then the thing no longer really matters anyway because we stopped checking our order because we stopped 'waiting'.

Otherwise the constant 'wanting' and 'receiving' will never really lead to anything other than wanting more out of trying to fill a void. I know plenty of people with a lot of money who are so poor in the quality of presence & pleasure.

This empty, constant doing, thinking & problem solving to get an outcome that is never satisfying.

The thing that seems emanate right now in order for your life to become peaceful, rich & joyful, is not the thing.

The thing is a seed already inside of yourself that could use some water, sunlight & perhaps some weeding.

The weeds are distractions of surface level needing & neurosis.

Because even in the darkness, we are held tenderly, it's a process of metamorphosis.

We let go. It's not a giving up, it's not even a surrender, but a sense that this is an unfolding for us to crack open & put ourself together the way we were designed. Clearer, truer, free for limitations.

When we are free from limitations everything is accessible, like oxygen. There are no boarders between us & that which we desire. It all works together, as a symbiosis.

Our desires and our callings are not mistakes, but it's a direction from life itself, and life wants to lead us there for our ultimate turn on.

BUT when we get there it might not be the image we were given, because we are ultimately blind, and this is the level I like to play at, what we can imagine is often small & a little dull compared to what the universe conjures up.

Of course this is all a belief, and there is no absolute truth in the matter of words & analysing.

But it's a belief I consciously chose and reprogrammed. Even this idea that no beliefs are the best belief, is still a belief.

Ultimately if we are playing in the world we need codes, it's your choice to code them yourself or run with the software installed.

Reprogram your beliefs & understand the practical mechanics of money & building wealth in School of Money. Now open for the next intake.

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