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What is Our Purpose?

The purpose of it all- warning big questions and no answers ⬇️

What is our purpose?

Is there are actually any purpose to any of this at all?

Is the universe benevolent? Does it have a desire of some sort for us to ascend?

Is evil and sickness really an illusion as Jesus and many other prophets spoke?

Or does this result in non-accountability and gives evil more space to do its thing when in fact with a fight we may have more chance of eradicating it?

And if there are always polarities is it even possible to eradicate pain, evil, unconsciousness, or does it just pop right back up?

Are humans inherently kind?

Are we all God? Or are we thoughts of god? Is it both?

Do we have the power to create? Or is it just an illusion that we are making 'choices'?

Do any of these questions matter?

Can they actually be answered?

I come back to this...

I know that paradox's are in everything.

That nothing is absolutely 'true' only relatively true.

I know that everything has a natural drive to evolve.

I know that I have my own inner compass to navigate.

I know that I have a desire to be happy, to see other people be happy, to see nature flourish.

I know that this is pure experience, but can only be fully comprehended when I am present.

That my purpose is to be present, to pay attention, to play for the sake of playing.

Today we start Cosmic Direction.

5 days together of uncovering your soul direction to begin 2022.

$222, yours to keep for life. Send me a message for your ticket. Come on a journey beyond the physical, where only magic is real.

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