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What Wealth, Money & Plants Have To Do With Each Other

Money flows if you take small actions of self-love & self-respect.

If you're not treating your body with respect, that's an act of low self-worth. 

And it's ok, I've been there myself. I also have a sister with 10 years of eating disorders and drug addiction that has seen her spend much of her youth in hospital.

It's not about shaming, but it is about uncovering, where am I not treating myself with love? Where am I not giving myself the best chance of vibrancy?

Knowing your nutrition is absolutely paramount to living EVERY DAY with magnitude. Why not make this your best day yet?

What you put in your mouth & how you do it impacts everything!

Watch the video below for more on what wealth, plants & money have to do with each other.

PS - Fun fact: Did you know that 100grams of chia seeds have more calcium than 3 cups of milk??

I work with my clients to build a life that is financially freeing and soul-aligned, through money mindset, financial education, and creating multiple income streams. If this speaks to you, book in a one-on-one here xxx

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