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What would it feel like to have a $20k month in Dec?

What would it feel like to earn $10k or even $20k per month without needing to work harder?

What would it feel like earn that as a base minimum?

Not by working 40 hour weeks, but just by doing the things you can't help but do and share.

Imagine making $8k in a space of 5 minutes while eating a raw vegan brownie. This is actually what happened this month.

I make more money working for an average of 3 hours a day (prob less actually) then what I did when I worked 10 hour days in finance.

And I get to just be me, work the way I want, and work with people who I fucking love.

I literally LOVE my clients...we will often declare our love for each other..."I love you" "I love you too"

Did I somehow get all the stars aligned? Am I more special than you?


Well I have high self worth so I do think I'm pretty special, but in my own way.

It has nothing to do with me being more talented, intelligent or lucky than you.

I came from a loving family, but one that was unable to support me financially. I did all this myself.

I had no special talents, I'd call myself a jack of many trades, I was a fairly average student at school, I was in the top 15% of the state, but I worked for it and I definitely was not a genius.

In fact I have a learning disability- you might have noticed I can't spell for shit!

I had no real great mentors in life that were a standout, I kind of just fumbled my way through it.

Now I have the discernment to pay for great mentors so it's a little more clear, but still, it's all pretty chaotic and murky in terms of long term direction.

So what is it? How come some people make really good money online and others don't?

Two things. Ok there are many, but these are the two biggest things that I've been thinking about.

Confdence & Courage.

The confidence to put your stuff out into the world and to charge for it. The confidence in your own ability to pull it off- often I don't even really believe myself, but I just override it.

The courage to show up as you, to be willing to stand out, not because you're trying to be different, but because your just owning who you are. That's the difference between those who just blend in and those that get noticed. It has nothing to do with perfecting your image and everything to do with allowing your own chaos and mess.

I wish I could tell you it was a 10 step strategy but it's not. It's NOT the strategy. The mindset has to come first.

I see so many people not fully owning themselves, quietly whispering their offers from the corner, not charging enough, not being confident in what they are selling. You have to be confident in it if you're not then no else will be either.

I see so many people playing it 'safe' diluting themselves & their message. You don't stand out saying what everyone else is saying.

You have more to say than that, go on, just fucking say it!! Stop trying to be nice & put together, it's actually holding you back.

It's not the Facebook ads, it's not the marketing plan, it's not the rebranding, it's not the perfect offer.

It's not any of the things you think it is, NONE OF THEM ARE THE REASON YOU'RE NOT DOING $10k OR $20k MONTHS.

It's the CONFIDENCE to actually release the offers you want to release so they have the excitement behind them, to price them well, to have the confidence to keep on keeping on right up to the last minute even when it looks like you're not going to hit anywhere near where you aimed, well you won't if you give up now.

No entrepreneur I know is ever on track to meet their income goals, NONE, it often comes in in the last moment, but you have to hold the tension.

Remember you can make $8k in just a few minutes while you're at a cafe eating a brownie.

EVERYONE who has something to say has the ability to earn $10k or $20k months, not next year, but right fucking now. But most people are not practising confidence & courage the entire way through, they let it release like a balloon, farting miserably, but you're the only one cancelling the party.

I'll be teaching how to have $10k & $20k months in The School of Money. This program will teach the practical money management, how to invest the money you make, plus the mindset you need behind it all. Click here to sign up now before it closes.

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