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Who do you think you are selling during these dark times?

Are you just going to stop? Are you going to decide that you cannot make a shit load of money and give a shit tonne of value right now? Are you going to just sit around deciding that money is going to be scarce over the next however long? That no one needs your value right now? Is that what you're going to do? Like the 99.9% of the world. It would be understandable for you not focus on creating offers and sharing your message right now. Everyone would understand. Actually the people might even get pissed off if you shared your message and offers because 'this is a very serious situation' so how dare you not drown in a pool of seriousness and be quite & ration your money & your creativity. But I know you're the .1% why else would you be here? Reading this. You get to make money right now. Permission granted by the motherfucking universe. There was a vacuum cleaning business during the GFC that boomed, there was another down the road that believed times were tough and they closed down. Ok I made that up, but you get my point. You decide how to show up. Money is still there, there are people who NEED your services, it's a disservice not to share with the world. Yes the people might not enjoy your non-related virus comments, but there will be someone who does. A person hiding in the shadows that you might not even know is there, but they are waiting for you, perhaps they are already following you. OMG it all sounds so creepy. But they are a person of light and they are dying to buy what you're selling. Can I still say dying as an emphasis? Is it to soon? Fuck it I'll say what I please. DYING, they are DYING to buy your stuff. But you need to bloody sell something! You need to open the doors so they can stop being the creepy person hiding in the shadows and they can be your customer. Now- reflection time. You will get back what you are doing right now. Don't be afraid to invest in yourself, don't be afraid to wear your favourite clothes, eat your favourite foods, enjoy yourself. I have a rule for myself, as a coach, I always must have coaches. How can I sell a service if I'm not using it myself? I invest in the financial market exactly the same way I educate my clients to invest in the market. I do the same mindset exercises I work with my clients on. I burn through journals and ink like a damn hooligan. Step into what you're offering. Be a student of your own work. Show up. Make a damn offer. And THRIVE because that's the kind of person you are. If you haven't signed up for Reprogrammed now is the time! I'll be teaching you exactly how I reprogrammed my subconscious mind using neuroscience & a range of different techniques, this is the work I do with my private clients and it's the fucking bomb! Click here for the details.

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