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Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Why I don't "sell".

Well not in the way most coaches teach sales.

I have been in many 'sales' roles in my life.

They weren't called sales but that was a huge part of it.

As a financial advisor, it was my responsibility to bring in my own clients. Before that, I worked as an investment analyst and essentially sold to fund mangers. Before that, I worked as a promotions girl and 'sold' whatever the client wanted that day, and before that, I worked as a waitress for many years and as a checkout chick at the supermarket.

I've worked as soon as it was legal for me to work. Since I was 14.

All of these roles involved selling.

I was taught 'how to sell' by some of the greatest names in sales when I had my own financial planning arm.

And it worked, it worked well. I even had a script at one stage, and I had a 70% close rate on every call for a $8,000-$15,000 service.

BUT honestly, it didn't feel great for me to dig into people's pains and speak to their fears as a way to close the sale. It didn't feel great to convince people and get them 'over the line'. It didn't feel great to follow up!

I don't do any of that anymore.

I have more of a check-out chick style of selling, 'this is what we sell (products on the shelf) go ahead and pick what you want, then I'll put your payment through, if you walk out empty handed that's cool too'

I just don't want to work with anyone I have to convince, I don't want to have long back and forth conversations convincing someone else to back-them self.

For this work to work my clients need to have some belief in themselves to start with.

I work with clients who know the value of working with me without even having to say anything about it, there is no questioning it.

I trust that they know what is best for them.

They are empowered humans, and I treat them as such.

Since I decided this sales stopped being something I graded myself at, because it's not personal if it's a no. It's either not the right fit, or they are not ready, and that's great, because why would I want to work with someone who is not the right fit or not ready? That's just exhausting!

My last $10k client signed up via a voice note. Then a $5k client signed up during a conversation. Then I had $4k flow in from a self-study program overnight. I had no attachment to the sale in any of these cases.

As soon as I stopped seeing that money comes from clients and instead decided what my energetic money minimum was (a term from Amanda Francis) I removed the connection of money & clients.

Clients are seperate from money.

Money is something that I just expect to flow into my life, no matter what portholes I have open for money.

Money comes THROUGH clients, but it does not come FROM clients- also something Amanda Francis said.

As soon as you have this attitude you stop being attached to the getting a YES. Instead you get to focus on creating what ever turns you on and having empowering soulful conversations with humans.

You start looking at prospective clients as empowered adults who can make up their own mind, and you trust that, you don't know what is better for them. THEY KNOW, NOT YOU.

What a relief that is, that it's no longer up to you, that it's 100% up to the other human.

All that is required from you is for you to do you!

There are people who are ready right now to work with you, who would love to work with you and who will get results. These are NOT the people you need to convince.

If you're having a hard time getting people across the line, stop trying to get them across the line, and decide to work with empowered and ready people, then market and write to them.

Don't market to the ones who have objections and who are paralysed by their limitations. Don't even speak to this.

Your people are ready, you just need to market with them in mind, to speak to the empowered person with respect without a result in mind because you've already decided that money flows to you irrespective of if clients sign up or not.

And the more portholes you have open for money to enter the less attached you become for it needing to be 'FROM' one source.

PS- If you know in your heart that you are capable to make bigger strides in business, creative expression and wealth I'd love to support you! I've opened my calendar for you to book in a FREE session, this is not a sales call. Why am I doing this? because I'm truely so inspired by all the people I've been connecting with and it's great inspiration for me. I get a kick out of supporting people to make more money through soul! If you'd like to book in for a free one-on-one session with me you can do so using the link below. Can't wait to speak with you.

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