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Why 'too many options' is actually a scarcity mentality

God I have so many things streaming out of me right now...

Sometimes it's crickets andI feel like I can't write a post to save my life...then other times like right now I have so much coming out of me my fingers can't keep up, I actually think my fingers are burning more calories than my morning sweaty full power fingers, that could be a new program...

Literally, everything is inspiring me, everything feels shiny (and looks shiny, Bangkok is next level lavish, check out the car I spied 2 babes driving yesterday in my Instagram story)

But it also feels fleeting, the amount of choice can mean not actually diving deep into any of it...

This is where the feeling of abundance can actually bring out scarcity, follow me here.

When there are so many options, so many choices, so many things to do & follow, the symptom of scarcity shows up in analysis paralysis and FOMO.

Because we feel like this is the time to strike, that it won't be like this again, so we need to follow ALL the options, ALL the choices, we are afraid if we make the wrong one it will all dry up, so we need to be careful.

Then we end up not making any choices and just staying still, who does this picking Netflix movies? *guilty, spends more time deciding what to watch than actually watching*

Or we start down the path and can't stop obsessing about the other options that we didn't choose in this moment.

Let me remind you (and myself) opportunities are always flowing, time is infinite, you are in no rush and you cannot make the 'wrong' choice...

If you really tapped into yourself right now, knowing that opportunities are always there, knowing you have an infinite amount of time (if you believe in reincarnation it makes this belief much easier to grapple) then what life would you choose right now? Knowing you can have plenty of other experiences, you can have ALL the experiences.

What do you choose to know based on faith and trust and abundance?

What have you said yes to but are FOMOing and eroding the joy out of your current experience?

Side note, this is different from saying yes when it's actually a no, but you said yes out of fear, obligation, low self-worth. Cut that shit right now, because saying yes to that is saying no to your soul.

I remember reading about a kid of was getting therapy because he was so stressed about making the wrong decision about his career, he was 8! His parents had always told him he can do whatever he wanted, be whatever he wanted, and for him this was stressful because there were too many options and he didn't know which one to pick, he might choose the wrong one.

I feel ya kid. I've been there, I visit that place still.

We don't know what the future will bring, it's easy to say in hindsight:

'I should have bought that house down the road 5 years ago'

'I should have ended it with Jane 2 years earlier'

'I should have studied medicine and I'd be a specialist by now' ect

And maybe you should have, but that shits gone now, let it go. Now you have today and your entire life ahead of you, if you're 30 the average lifespan for us will be around 100! that's another 70 years!!

70 fucking years!! That's over 3 times the years you've already lived. You see what I'm saying here?

You got time baby.

Do the thing you deep down want to do and forgot about how long it will take you to get there, you have so much time, forgot about the other things that are shiny, you have so much time to enjoy those too.

Decide on that deep down desire.

I hate being told what to do by the outside world, my Mum used to tell me NOT to clean my room because she knew that's when I would clean my room...but I need to have an authority in charge otherwise I'm chasing the shiny, not really diving into anything...

My authority is soul...I do what it says without question, actually, I question it, but I know to override it.

Who is your authority? Who are you taking commands from?

Because you better have someone in charge, giving you a kick in the ass, holding space, keeping the frame up, loving you so fiercely.

And that is not going to come from the outside, that comes from the internal command.

If you don't submit to the inner command, it's a flip flop, 'I don't know who I am, or what to do', surface level, lost boat, unfulfilling, shiny-chasing life situation. And I know that ain't for you.

Deciding that you always have the answer, deciding to always follow the command, ain't always easy. I can promise you'll likely still end up having moments curled up in bed crying swearing at life, but there will be less of them.

I don't have the answers, but you do.

Tune in, listen, don't obsess about getting it wrong, move along, let that shit go, start living your life today.

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