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Yesterdays client session

Yesterday I had a session with an amazing client. She was saying how incredible her life is right now, but that there isn't enough time in the day to 'enjoy' it all.

Life is full of stuff she loves to do, but can end up feeling like it's all pulling at each other for priority.

I reminded her, and myself, that in each moment there is only one direction & that is given by turn-on.

That there are is no need to prioritise because there is only one thing.

It's actually so clean & so simple.

It's when we feel as if we need to 'manage' what we have that it starts to feel like pressure, when it starts to feel as if the entire day is already full before we even get out of bed just to tick off the things 'we love to do'.

But actually all the 'things' we think are important end up restricting us, and becoming the 'minimum' base line, then we start attributing the 'actions' to the results of money, love, the body, calmness ect.

We forget about the experience itself, and start treating the action like a 'hit' to get the 'outcome'.

But it stops producing so strongly, so we do more of it, then the 'minimum action' ends up becoming sometimes hours long to maintain the body, the business, the money, the relationship, the mind.

It becomes a jail.

The clean experience has no plan, it has no formula, it has no list, it has no outcome.

Its only desire is to play. It has no stakes about the future.

I threw away my diary almost a year ago. I do pretty much 'nothing' that most entrepreneurs do on the admin side.

I just don't do admin. I don't have admin. Because I don't do it. My business is fairly clean, I keep it simple. Admin is something that most people feel like is just 'part of the job', it is if you decide it to be.

It's the same with the body, we put all these conditions about what we need to do in order for it to look great, rather than trusting it doesn't need to be managed if we just trust the clean turn-on. It will direct when to eat, what to eat, when to exercise, what exercise to do & it will all be pleasurable, the rush stops, the avoidance stops, the over-eating stops.

Of course there are still practical things that need to be understood & put in place, even in my business I have systems, I have a PA, I have automations. It's the same with food & exercise, you need to have some kind of 'learnt' understanding of it as a baseline to then expand off.

It's especially true with money.

Money can be a jail, it can be the gatekeeper to your turn-on. 'No' I want to do it but money says no. Or the opposite of having your heads under the covers with no idea what you're doing with your money but just blind faith that it will 'all work out', yet you've got absolutely no baseline in place.

I read once that discipline is freedom. I used to believe that. I lived like that. But it depends what is the north star for that discipline.

If it's the 'management' of life, it if's the future possibility of 'freedom', if it's 'money', if you have no idea what actually drives you then it's likely your unconscious programming and you're likely so far away from your truth & freedom following that!

It's the discipline to follow the direction in each moment, for the experience, not for the outcome, that's freedom. To not control, to not need to see, to not need to 'know'.

To let go of the seriousness of getting somewhere.

But that 'going somewhere' is the fun itself and that the directions may change. When it says turn right but you've planned to go straight, what do you do?

I turn right. Sometimes I forget about my own 'system' and stick to the plan, I'm never punished and it often leads me to where I imagined, but what's the fun in that?

I've already imagined it, it's already been done.

Right takes you to places beyond yesterday.

DM me to work privately together. $10k for 6 months one-on-one.

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