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You are not a result of the past

You are not a result of the past.

The present is not a result of the past.

The past is a result of the present.

The present is what keeps the past alive in the colours that you painted it in, you keep it alive by keeping it with you in your treasure box.

You start to believe you are the treasure box because it feels so heavy, so real, that you need it in order to be you.

You believe that you can only meet the moment based on the patterns that you've created in the past, you carry it all with you, so nothing can really be new.

Possibilities are limited to what you know, to what you've experienced, to the stories you've told yourself.

You see things in levels, in steps, because you position yourself right now in terms of where you were a moment ago.

The past holds onto your ankles like weights reminding you that you cannot fly yet.

That you are still at the stage of flapping your wings about, you're not able to glide yet.

But the vapour trail from a plane does not move the plane.

You forget that gliding is something that is available to you right now, but it's only possible if you let go of holding on so tightly to what has been, because when you focus on the vapour trail that's all you see and experience...

A replay of the same stories, the same patterns, the same stories, the same situations.

And you think you need to dig into the past and that's how you fly?


That freedom is in not found in the past.

It's here right now, it's reality.

Not the concept of reality but actual reality, not either a ghost made of words or stories like this piece is.

Because that's all words can be, a shadow, a sign post to something, but the sign post is not the thing.

It's in the no-thinking.

It's not that thinking is bad, or even that the stories from the past are bad.

It's all part of the beauty of life, it's necessary to feel the entire song.

If it was just this moment in the way we think of time- as a hair-line constantly moving than all we hear is a note.

A note is part of a song, by itself it is whole, but as a song it is a masterpiece.

It's not like we erase our memory & then we can fly, that's probably called a mental disability and will limit our ability to be in the world.

It's that we let it wash over us lightly, we see it as part of the entire song, rather than as the centrepiece.

We stop thinking so much, because all we've been thinking about are our thoughts.

Then we have the ability to meet the trueness of the moment without forcing, without organising, without the constant obsession of replaying our past over & over.

The things that we thought mattered no longer matter.

We start to listen to the orchestra of life, and we notice that we are too part of it, that it cannot be seperate.

We stop caring so much about where it is going, it becomes irrelevant.

The forced vs the graceful.

You can see it clearly in art.

Maybe it looks similar same, but it feels entirely different. The effect of it on you is like listening to an ad for a mattress compared to sitting next to Chopin as Nocturne No.2 flows through him.

One feels manufactured like nails on a chalk board, and the other feels like it moves you inwards, outwards beyond the boundaries of your skin.

It's less asking why, less analysis, which will never be true because that comes from a methodology based on cause & effect, separating life out from yourself as if life is a tennis racked & you are the ball.

Anaylsising of course can be interesting, as are philosophical discussions and stories about the past. It can even be the sign post to remind you of what reality is, but it's not reality.

It's beyond that, it's a place beyond identity, where you play with it all, but aware that it's really a game of total illusion.

This is the kind of work I do with my clients to transcend the need for healing modalities, to transcend cause & effect, to transcend taking an action to get a result in money, business, life. To move beyond that to find what you've been looking for right here.

Yes money, art pieces, relationships, the body beyond what you thought was possible also comes, but it no longer is important because you can hear, feel the song, that you are the song.

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