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You are NOT the average

Here are some stats from the 'average':

  • 50% of businesses fail within five years.

  • You'll get about 1% conversion rate on anything you sell to your audience- so that pretty much means you need a huge community to make any revenue.

  • The average open rate of an email is 21% so most people won't read what you poured your soul into producing.

  • It costs around $10,000 to create an online course & market it if you want to generate any income from it.

  • That the economy is fucked, no one has any money, no one is spending right now, and it's a terrible idea to start a business and to sell anything right now and "OMG don't spend a penny on anything other than necessities".

Heard it before? Perhaps you've even thought it yourself?

You know why I made money straight out of the gate? Why I continue to have people sign up to my programs and sign on as new clients?

Because I decided I was not the average. I decided that those stats were not my story.

I actually didn't even listen.

BUT....There were moments when I felt like giving up, where I sobbed in Chris's arms about how hard it was, and those stats came flying back in saying something like 'yes it's hard Freya, hardly anyone makes it, it's ok, maybe it's best if you stop now and instead get a job'

I'd quickly snap out of it, well sometimes it takes a little longer than just a 'snap', but I always kept going, because I knew deep at my core, that, of course, it's possible, that there are people who've done it before me and people who continue to do it.

I also remind myself that I ran 100km in the mountains for 24 hours straight. If I can do that I can damn well allow in thousands of dollars every week, even tens of thousands every week.

While I don't have these moments very often anymore, because I have plenty of proof now that I, of course, can do it. That, of course, I will and do create incredible programs, that my private clients love to work with me and they get results, that money continues to flow in irrespective of what's going on in the world, that I have plenty of time, that I absolutely love what I do.

Here is some of what I decided and the proof to go with it:

  • Of course, I'm going to keep doing what I do, it's my art, I'm never going to stop being an artist. What does 'failing' even mean? Who is the judge of a business being a failure? The only judge is self.

  • When I started my business I had an email list with less than 20 people on it, no Facebook group, no likes on my Facebook page, a dogshit website. Yet I made 5 figures in the first month, 1% my ass!!

  • I never check my email stats or any other stats, because why would I? I'm not creating based on what people like or don't like, I'm doing it because that's what comes out from me. But I did just have a peek now because I'm thinking about it, and my average is over 40%.

  • My programs don't cost $10k to make, in fact they cost me pretty much nothing to make. I pay $100 p.m for the platform I use to run my programs, but when I first started I didn't even use that. AND I don't spend any money on marketing right now either. Yet I still have people signing up and I've only had incredible feedback- not that I'd take it to heart if I didn't because I know I'm in alignment.

But if I just relied on the proof I would have given up a long time ago. I needed more than proof, I needed belief, that it was all on it's way to me. That's not something that can be given by anyone else, it's the inner subconscious that needs to get on board.

Even today I found myself not totally trusting and scrolling through other peoples stories. Not about business but about my current home. I'm in Koh Phangan in Thailand, this is my home for right now until Bali opens up. The visa situation is not clear and is changing every day, I decided to not even seek out information until a week before my visa is up because all this pre-empting and planning is a total waste of time as things keep changing.

But I got caught for a moment this morning and started to organise the documents I needed as of today. OMG, it's all over the show, it's complex, not clear, time-consuming, this is what I start to believe as I read other peoples comments on the embassy's page. STOP. This is not my story. It gets to be simple and it gets to be easy, I put it away and commit to not look again until a week before, ahhh the release. I will not be the 'average' who is frustrated and angry.

I decide that everyone is doing the best they can. That, of course, everything will work out. That there is always a way and it will show it's way to me- it always does.

That I get to choose my reality, while I may not be able to control all the outcomes, although often when I totally surrender and keep showing up that's when it all seems to fall into place. When I say show up I don't mean to work anything out, but showing up as in I keep being me and I keep doing the soul work and keep doing what I'm guided to do.

We are not the average. Don't put yourself in a box of 'most people', you are not 'most people'. If you want IT if you are drawn to IT at a deep soul level than it's already happened it's already your path, connect with it and follow the white rabbit.

My calendar is open again for one-on-one mini 15min sessions. In the session, I'll give you feedback on your cash flow, wealth strategy and business/career. Clickhereto book in.

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