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You can paint it red but it's still not a sports car

You say you want a sports car, but you buy a family car.

-I heard this from Frank Kern I believe and it's a fucking great analogy, I've just put my own story & words over the top.-

Then you complain that it doesn't go fast, that it's not sexy, and you take it into the panel beaters and ask them to take the roof off and paint it red...

But it's still not a sports car, and there is nothing wrong with it being a family car.

What's wrong with it is that you said you wanted one thing, but then engaged with another thing.

Your actions are what's wrong, not the car.

If you want something, don't go taking something else 'for now'.

I met a woman a while ago and she said to me that was dating a man on the island who she didn't particularly like that much but he was better than most and he would do for now.

Ummm no.

That's wanting the sports car and buying the family car.

And when you buy the family car, you're no longer in the market, you're busy complaining about the family car, trying to train it to be a sports car.

The sports car is still waiting for you in the shop.

Someone out there really wants a family car, they would love & appreciate it as it is, and here you are dismantling the damn thing.

When know you want something, decide on it, and decide you are unavailable for anything other than that.

No compromise, no negotiation.

That's how you create the life you desire, by deciding, by trusting it's on the way to you and taking aligned action when you get the call from deep inside of you.

A friend asked me last night when I compromise.

I said I don't compromise.

She asked how I manage to be in a relationship if I don't compromise.

The answer was easy, I was unavailable to be in a relationship with anyone who didn't share what was important to me.

There is no compromise needed.

I like to be courted, I like to taken on dates, I like chairs pulled out and doors opened for me, I like men to get up while I'm in the bathroom and pay the bill before I even get a chance to offer.

I'm into old school chivalry.

It's important that my partner is generous, independent, driven, focused, fit, handsome, has a beautiful penis, grabs my ass, makes eye contact with me across the room, follows adventure, loves to take the roll of the man, knows that when I'm in my lower self to change my mood not my mind, a man who is playful, who is a warrior, a leader, who is inspired and curious about me every moment.

Yes I dominate, but I love to submit to a strong embodied man.

I don't give a shit if the things I desire are politically incorrect, I don't sit around judging my desires, I know what I want and that's what I'll have. Nothing less.

I'm just not interested in anything other than that...and so everything else is a no.

And that's what I have called in because I decided so.

I'm also prepared to shatter the entire dynamics of a relationship if something slips. I will not stay in something because that's what I've always done.

It's the same with EVERY area of life.

I'll create the dynamics, the rules, the expectations. But if I get the call to collapse it all, I will.

I've fired clients before. I've changed a program mid-way. Because I got the call to do so.

And that is actual integrity. Not doing what you said you would, but doing exactly what soul says, and only saying yes to what is in that integrity.

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