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Today gets to be a new normal.

Every day, every moment is an opportunity to uplevel and move the bar.

What was 'normal' for me 4 years ago is now very different from what is 'normal' for me today.

I started to write a sentence about where I was at 4 years ago but kept deleting it because no words or description seemed to fit. It was soooo different.

I'd literally have my calendar in 10min blocks, trying to fit the things that were 'important' into my 'free time' which was very limited. But I did it, I taught yoga before work, ran at lunchtime, gym after work, dinner with friends or Chris in the evening, I would literally have to schedule in a social phone call into my dairy because a free 10mins was rare, it all had to be planned out. I had no idea that there was any other way to earn a great income and also do the things that I enjoyed.

I certainly didn't know that I could really enjoy something and make great money from it.

Now my normal is more like what my holidays were like 4 years ago. All-time feels like 'free time' but I make great money too. While I still love the 'hustle', I still train hard & very consistently, I love to work & I love to create. But I have A LOT of time to do whatever I want to do.

My normal is now a coconut a day, living on a tropical island in nature, clients who are high vibe & love to work with me, creating content every day, friends who inspire me, fresh fruit & veggies, 2 movements per day with my body, a massage at least every week, 5 figures per month.

The bar is always moving up. While sometimes it fluctuates up & down, it's always on the uptrend.

I love playing with the bar of 'normal', not because I need it to provide me with self-worth. But because I get too, because it's fun, because why wouldn't I?

How to move the bar? Well there are two ways.

The first way is you go big, you just decide 'I'm going to go from $3k to $100k this month' or 'I'm going to go from running 10mins to 2hours this week' etc.

While this is epic, it takes a lot of faith and a lot of inner work. Of course, it's possible. But in my experience, I've never had much in terms of results from it and I didn't enjoy the process. I believe this is because my subconscious did not fully believe because it was such a big jump so it was blocking me.

The second way. The way I like to do it...

Use a bridge to get there.

Break the jump down into smaller targets, the smaller targets should still seem a little wild, but the subconscious can at least believe it.

So let's say you want to bring in $100k for the month, but currently, you bring in $3k. You'd start increasing the target to say $5k, then $8k, then $15k etc.

While it might seem to take a little longer than the first strategy, in my experience it was actually quicker to do the bridge strategy because otherwise I, didn't really believe it was possible and the jump seemed so big I'd actually stay where I was because I wouldn't really be confident enough to take the leap. With the bridge, I'd take mini jumps. Kind f like the tortious & the hare, although still way faster than most who don't even move the bar at all.

Your belief gets to be whatever you want, maybe you decide it's easier to make the big jumps. You decide one the new normal. What will you decide today?


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