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You don't get what you desire, you get what you believe

Most people have manifestation wrong.

You don't get what you desire, you get what you believe. And many of us have beliefs that are opposed to our desires. We want more money, more success, more love. But our subconscious says 'more clients equals more effort, more money means more criticism, deep relationships mean eventual pain' So we sabotage the fruition of these desires...without knowing we are sabotaging them. I imagine it like walking up an escalator that is moving downwards. You take steps 'forward' but seem to find yourself in the same place, and only if you really push do you move forward, but stop for a second and you'll be dragged backwards. That's the same as the conscious mind making moves in the opposite direction of the subconscious. The reason why the things that you deep down know are yours haven't happened yet has very little to do with your capacity, your value, or your destiny. If you were given them they were put in you to follow as a remembering of your destiny. Instead it has to do with your ability to 'hold' what you truely desire, if you don't have the confidence in that as a reality and you are far away from the person who you need to be to 'hold' it, then that's why it has not arrived yet. It is who we become along the way when we follow these desires or 'turn-ons', it has nothing to do with the things itself, they will never give us the feelings, we give it to ourself by becoming the person. To become the person we have to consciously reprogram to align to what we desire, to be able to 'hold' it. We all have programs that are running in the subconscious that have created our beliefs. These are all unconscious programs based on our past experiences, many that we don't even remember. Unless a conscious decision has been made to uncover them and shift them, that's the code that is creating your current reality. So again, the reason you don't have what you desire has a lot to do with what you believe and very little to do with your ability. Of course you need to take aligned action, you can't be a surgeon without studying medicine. Belief without action is kind of like reading the menu, deciding what you want to order but never actually calling the waiter over to order it. It also takes patience, it takes seeing time for what it is, an illusion. Now nothing takes 'a long-time', you choose to sense time in the way you want to relate to it. You stretch it or contract it. Then there is the person who wonders why they make no money in their business, but they make no offers. It doesn't matter how much reprogramming they do, action is required. On the opposite side the person who makes offers and sells nothing. Because they are so desperate due to making it all matter so much in terms of their own worth, their code says outcomes=personal value. They take the action but don't really believe it will work because they have low self worth. This is a great example, there is a lovely women at the gym who does back to back classes, sometimes 3 classes a day, these are intense HIT workouts, I've watched her over the last 4 months and her body doesn't change, she looks as if she does very little exercise. How can someone train that intensely have no changes? She takes the action, more than I do, yet when you compare the results it's on totally other-sides of the spectrum. Of course I don't know what she eats or what her genetics are like, but I say it has little to do this with and a lot to do with beliefs. If you believe that you are far away from being the person with the things, that you need to work hard, and that deep down perhaps it's not even possible for you then that is what will continue to play out no matter the actions you take. How do you re-program? It takes looking at your reality, where is it not at the quality to desire? That is a reflection of your inner world, of your inner beliefs. Once you've uncovered them, you make a decision to choose something else. You make a decision to calibrate to a new normal. Importantly you give it to yourself first rather than putting your emotional well being in the hands of something outside of yourself. Reprogramming is just as important as taking the practical steps to create the life you desire. We dive into both the practical and the energetically in the School of Money.

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