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You don't know everything about it? Good, share it anyway.

There is this idea that in order to share a message you need to have perfected it yourself...

But it's often the people who are set on being a student and dedicated to that area end up also being a teacher, while always being a student.

I'll often hear psychologists say that they studied the field because they thought they themselves were a little crazy or meditation teachers studying meditation because they found themselves reactive & highly strung.

I studied money because I never felt like I had any growing up & I felt like it was the cause of all my & my families problems.

And it's not like with any of these fields you get to a point where you're like 'yep, I know everything'

The more you know the more you realise you don't know.

In my experience, it's only the things I'm just beginning to understand that I get cocky and think yep I know everything in the field now. And then I get a little deeper and realise there is a whole nother layer.

So if you have something to share but question your own knowledge, experience, wisdom- good. You probably know a lot more than most people.

I trust that if I have message that's the message and it's not up to me to judge if I have the right verification to share it or not.

It's not even mine actually, it's a visitor inviting me to introduce it to the world, I'm just the medium.

It's often the things I find so simple and do or think without any effort is the stuff that wants to be the message. And I used to question if it was to simple, to basic, I'd assume that everyone already knew that anyway.

But from my experience that's hardly ever true, it's the simple & basic things that we need reminding of.

In fact, let's go-to money for a moment here, the way a structure my cash flow seems to simple & so 'dahh' to me, even investing is so simple to me, I feel like this stuff is almost to basic to even share, that I should make it more complicated.

But it's the simple stuff that people want to know & remember, it's not a huge list of tips & details about the complex workings of the economy or whatever your field is.

I mean fuck I don't even read the news, yet I invest because it's really that fucking simple, it's just that most people don't know how simple it can be.

It's not because I know everything about investing, there are guys I worked with went to Ivy League schools and spent all their waking hours trying to know the market & the economies next move, and they certainly didn't know everything about it, in fact they had even fewer results than just sticking to the simplicity of it all.

It's not possible to know everything & you don't need to know everything.

Trying to know it all before you share or teach, means that you'll never feel ready, and you move further away from the average person when you teach from a place of complexity.

Sure get obsessed about it, dive in deep, but always come up for & get some perspective of what the actual message is.

But don't let the unknown stop you from believing you have authority to share, you already know so much, you're you, no one else is you, no-one else sees things the exact way you do or has had the same experienced as you, so you already have so much to give just by sharing you.

PS- I have a space to work one-on-one with a highly committed & purpose-driven leader who has a message to share, someone who already has a business/is a free-lance or who is ready to start, who wants to create more freedom, more income & more of being them- all the time. Send me direct message or email for the details xx

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