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You don't need to slow down and breath, you need to wake up and live!

Let's talk about personal branding. I'm going to say it.... you don't need to do a personal branding strategy, that's like doing a strategy to be yourself. Now that's of course if you are showing up as yourself. If you're not showing up as yourself then yes you will need a branding strategy because you are showing only a narrow version of who you are, or perhaps you're putting on a persona altogether, and you'll need to check your strategy to remind yourself who you need to show up as based on what you think the people are going to want. In saying that, if you're feeling shitty, low vibe, all dramatised, check yourself before you show up. That's the difference between 'dumping' and 'sharing', dumping is when you dump your shit on other people. We all have that friend who dumps, and it literally feels like we've added an extra 10kg to our shoulders after speaking with them. Sharing is vulnerability from a place of light, that is inspiring for others and for yourself. I have a switch that I can turn on and I can turn off. I'm guessing you also have this switch. Some moments I'm loud, confident, unapologetic & totally magnetising, other moments I literally will avoid any eye contact and only speak when absolutely necessary. But on those days where I've turned the switch 'off' I'll turn it back on for client sessions or for video/audio content for my business. Is that all just a facade? Yes and no. My human self may be feeling relaxed, lazy, sleepy, even overwhelmed but my higher self knows that it's really just a story, and my higher self tolerates it, allows my human self to indulge- for a moment. But when it's time to do the work, share my message, be a channel for clients, the human self has no chance. It's on baby. Human self gets moved to the side, we are on. Afterwards, the human self will be so buzzed up by the high vibrations it will match this and the laziness/avoidance totally dissipates. When I'm feeling overwhelmed, lazy, tired, I know that the best thing for me to do is to do more. NOT to sit and veg out watching Netflicks or scrolling through my phone, this perpetuates it! When I say 'do more', I mean of the stuff that elevates me, of the stuff that's important, which perhaps is what actually seems like 'doing less' like meditating, journaling, walking in nature, but it's doing more in the sense of I need a little push to do it, it's much easier to scroll the time away. But what actually moves me totally out of the funk is what pretty much everyone would consider 'doing more', gym, writing content, filming, responding to client audios- often while in nature so I can get totally filled up. I once heard someone say that if you are on purpose you'll know because you'll feel energised afterwards. I'll add something to that, you may be on purpose, but not energised because you are not showing up fully as you, so it becomes exhausting and draining. Then you feel more exhausted because you decide you're exhausted and you sit around wasting time doing shit you don't actually feel good doing, so then it takes even more effort & will power to shift the exhaustion, so then you just decide it's easier if you write the entire day off, and you'll live for tomorrow instead. Fuck that shit. By embodying your 'personal brand' as the self you know you really are, by supporting your cause by doing all the things- especially when you feel exhausted, you become more of that fully expressed version of you. We don't need to take time off from life, that's a total cop-out! Stop hiding and deciding that you are too tired and broken to show up, show up because that's the only option to step into the self and the life you know is really yours. PS- Want to work one-on-one with me? I've got one place left, send me dm here for the details xx

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