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You have no idea how big these players will be, crypto is just cookie crumbs

When I worked with uber-rich family offices we would apportion only a small % of their investment money into the speculative assets. Not the whole damn thing.

This is where I see so many people fucking it up.

They are either not investing at all and feel like a dear in the headlights, not knowing which way to go or where to start.


They invest the majority of their money in just a few assets that are super volatile & risky. crypto, speculative stocks, IPO's. Yes these can pay off big, but the likelihood (using averages) is that over the long-term it will not. This is why you only invest a small portion into this. I don't put any of my money in this.

Great investors who build wealth over the long term invest consistently, they understand the power of compound interest, they do not get caught up in short term fantasies, they understand the averages of asset classes, they diversify using high-quality investments.

Using averages is based on the past and with how rapidly the world is changing can we even predict anything?

Yes and No.

I have no idea how the future will look, but what I do know is that we cannot even imagine the scale that these trillion-dollar companies will be competing in in the next decade.

You think the crypto coins your investing in will be big?...this is just crumbs compared to where these organisations are going.

Whether you like it or not, these are the big players, they are at the forefront of it all, of what we cannot even comprehend. And we're the ones who will buy it.

Crypto is still too early to invest in, it might sound like everyone is investing in it, but it's very much on the fringe. Someone told me the other day 'all the big fund managers are investing in it' I had to laugh, no they are definitely not, some obscure fund managers are but definitely not the big players.

It's still kind of a joke in the investment world, but now the technology itself is being taken very seriously.

It's not that it doesn't have a future, it's that it's not clear yet, I believe there will be different players coming in who will play on a scale at a way more sophisticated level and they will change the arena completely.

The majority of people pushing crypto right now are not sophisticated investors, they are holding their dicks in their hands like 13-year-old boys exploding when it goes up and getting flaccid crying when it goes down. They are totally blind to the big picture, and so am I, but at least I know I'm blind.

I do believe it will have a part to play, blockchain tech is amazing and is going to create efficiencies like we've never seen before across all industries.

I do believe the central banks will get involved in digital currency, they will need to, their roll is to pull leavers to support the economy, and in order to be able to do they will need to be playing with the same currency as the people. Unless government intervention becomes totally obsolete, which is highly unlikely. But hey nothing would surprise me these days.

I seem to end up writing about crypto when I write about investments, which is never my plan. But it is fun to write about because the people who think they know generally have no fucking idea about investment principles and it's a bit of an ego trip for me.

The point of this is about building sustainable wealth, to do that we do need to look to the future. But most un-sophisticated investors (which is you guys) are only seeing a very narrow path.

Mobility, internet of things, edge computing, enables the whole cloud to come together and do things we can't even imagine today. Sevices & products we could never imagine will be trillion-dollar businesses in 10 years time.

But you don't need to get in early, you don't need to be ahead of the game, you just need to get into the market and invest consistently and you will catch it all in your net.

But you do have to start now, get off the roller coaster ride, stop freezing in your tracks, start learning about investing. Because that's the ONLY way you'll be able to be free financially, getting cut a paycheck is great for now but it's not freedom, and for god sake stop fucking investing all your money in crypto.

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