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You'll have more when you let go of it...

No need to hold on so tightly.

Let it go, no need to convince it to stay, no need to try and change yourself and your offerings to fit the world.

I once had a potential financial advice client ask 'so why should we choose you?' be honest if I have to convince anyone I don't want to work with them, that's not my vibe, I'm not here to shine myself up and parade myself so people will like me, work with me, be my friend.


I let it go and I'm glad to let it go, so I can make space for what is a fit.

The last few days I've been obsessing a little more than usual about food.

I wake up thinking about what I'm going to eat for the rest of the day. I can feel it taking up space in my life, I can feel it becoming something I'm holding on tightly to. I think because it's the time that I'm in connection with others, ignites pleasure and indulgence, and it means a change of scenery. Not that my scenery isn't amazing, I live right on the beach surrounded by jungle.

I woke up this morning with the strong message to let it go, to reset. While I do weekly 24 hour dry fasts and I release a lot of emotional and physical crap during these, it's more of a light clean, there is the deeper stuff that gets into the cracks. It was clear do a coconut water fast, BUT my mind was like:

"no Freya! the restaurants might close soon, we should make use of all the food first, we should eat as much as we can in case the food stops, wait until every closes down and then we can fast"

I know this voice, it's the one of lack, the hoarder.

It was super clear to me after feeling my resistance and the voice of lack, that this was exactly what I need to do. So today I started a coconut water fast, maybe for a few days, maybe a week, I don't know.

I'll wait until the hoarder calms down.

It's like my yoga teacher once said to me 'you know you're doing yoga when you no longer want to get out of the pose'.

When I fasted for 21 days it wasn't until day 17 when I totally let go of the urgency to eat. And the lightness and clarity I felt was so strong when the space came.

Stay in it until there is peace. Let it all come up, don't act on it, notice that the thoughts are not you, that there is space in between it, then watch as it passes.

That's when I'll break the fast.

Is there anything right now you're hoarding? that you're holding onto tightly to? That you feel like you NEED to keep you going?

Food, money, a tv series, a person, a past or future event that you keep replaying trying to fix?

You get to find space. I have a great practice that works a treat....give out what you want the most.

If you are feeling like you need community & love, give that- reach out to your community page and see if anyone needs groceries delivered or their dog walked or order take out for the local doctors and nurses at the medical clinic.

If you feel like you're stressed about income- donate a few dollars to a project or someone in need.

If you're feeling like you don't have enough- look at whats in your home, throw away anything that doesn't light you up and that's duck taped together. Give your house a really good clean. Donate or sell anything that's in good condition that might be loved more by someone else.

If you feel like food & netflix are the only thing fulfilling your life right now do a fast from them. It's also super great for your immune system. (I have an online juice fasting training available message me if you want the details)

If you are bored, get still, meditate, get curious, what are are you resisting? What's underneath the resistance? We can never be bored if we are present.

From the space that we free up the answers come to us, they are sometimes very quiet and subtle, so we must get clean.

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