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You need to know about the incubation period

There is this period in between when you decide and commit to what you want, maybe it's the money, the business, the relationship...and when it actually flows through.. There is an aspect that requires you to take a risk, to step into the unknown, it may mean letting go of something to make space for it, maybe it's the full-time job to go all into that business that's been calling you... At first you make a plan, this is far as most people get, and the plan might be I'll do it later when XYZ... Or maybe you make it to the next stage, you take the leap, and the emotions rise up because it's actually here, the excitement comes at first.... Then the fear Because it's not happening the way you expected, the money is not flowing in, the people ain't buying, you feel alone... So the planning comes back, but this time it's planning how to back out & go back to how it was before you took the plunge, sure it wasn't the life you wanted, but at least it felt comfortable & safe... This is the period of incubation, where the results aren't showing up... Let me remind you to keep on path baby... It's like being pregnant, you don't take the pregnancy test, then start wondering why the baby hasn't arrived yet in month 2. You know it's in the oven, you know creation is working. It might seem like it's not working...but you know this is your message, this is your life... Yes you might doubt that it's even for you sometimes, but when you really tune in, it's clear, it's yours... Keep the faith, trust that it's on it's way to you... This is the incubation period, you don't need to keep taking the pregnancy tests or obsessing over it, it's not going to make it come any sooner, surrender and use this moment for what it was meant to be used for- to be present, to show up fully as you. That's your only job. PS- Automatic Money Bags is closing today! This is your last chance to get in before the back door closes.... Think cash flow management, debt strategies, growing wealth, choosing retirement funds, covering your income, understanding estate planning & what you should have in way more! And it's all super easy to understand & super-practical...and fun! You'll be able to access the first 5 weeks right away and you'll get access to me through (something that you don't get as a self-study program) plus you'll also get a business money management masterclass, money mindset program, pre-work, plus a bonus $199 off . Use the code BAGS as checkout click here.

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