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You're actually good with money

You're not bad with money.

You just haven't been taught.

You're not limited by your income.

You just haven't been taught to open up the space to allow for more to come in- whether you're employed or self employed.

Spending is rarely the problem.

It's learning how to increase income and learning how to manage what is coming in.

Everyone has the capacity to become 'good with money'.

Everyone has the capacity to earn much more than what they are earning right now.

But it doesn't come from doing the same thing.

It requires solid, precise information and reprogramming.

It requires a commitment for something greater, for yourself and for the people around you.

It only works if you do.

If you seek the information, integrate it, and hold the commitment to transform.

Everyone has the seed to master money within them, it just needs to be nurtured.

Money is not the answer for everything of course.

But it removes many barriers when we have more than enough, when we have an effortless knowing that we are supported and that we have the right strategy in place.

It allows us to know more about who we are since we are no longer distracted by 'getting' money, and instead we can focus on unfolding our true desires.

Knowing this is an investment for life.

I said to my partner recently 'I'm masterful with life, because that is what I practice'.

It's not something we can every master, it's 'infinite evolution'.

If you know how to relate and how to manage money this life becomes more effortless and easeful.

You can be more of who you are since money is a magnifier.

You can be more generous, more vivacious, more creative, access greater experiences.

Imagine never needing to ask money for permission.

Imagine always knowing exactly what to do with money.

Knowing how to manage it, how to invest it, how to have it support you today and your future self.

This is what we will work through in School of Money, open now for a special semi-live semester starting November the 7th. Click here to enroll.

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