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You're the motherfuckin Eagle not the Mouse

There are some moments where I feel like the little mouse, I can only see what's right in front of my nose and this primal urge to just survive. To sniff around and check for danger. Creep out for a moment then scamper back in my comfy hidey-hole. I would sometimes show up, then I'd be like 'ok that's enough air time I need a rest, it's all too much in the big wide world'. Then run back into my hole, sometimes for weeks. In my time 'away from it all' I'd dream about all the things I would do and all the that I'd be- at some future time. Maybe when my audience was bigger, maybe when I'd have clients knocking down my door, maybe when I'd become more refined. Only then I'd do all the big and great things, then I'd show up every day, I would never crawl back in and hide because I'd be energised and expanded because I wouldn't be 'trying', 'but's that not who I am right now so I'll wait it out until it happens then I'll show up in that way'. I never felt at home in my hidey-hole time. Even on 'holiday', I never enjoyed the whole 'chill' thing for long, I'd always be planning what to see, where to go, what to do next. Then I learnt to meditate and to be in nature, and while I love that, and I totally get rejuvenated by it. A few hours is enough, plus once or twice a year a longer period to connect in deeply. But it's not what expands me- to be isolated & private. I'm the kind of person that will tell you that 'I just went for a run and needed to go to the loo, there were none around so I pooped in a bush' even if you don't want to hear it, I'll tell you all about it! Why was I hiding in the first place? I think I would create and focus so much on the result, that I was losing my energy, rather than being fulfilled by it. I sooo wanted to be approved, I felt like what I said and wrote was only true if I got the results. So when I didn't get the results or the responses I'd doubt myself and crawl back into my hole to reconsider everything. Then I made a commitment to show up every day, even if I didn't feel like it, to do all the things even if I felt like I didn't have the authority. Only then I actually started to feel like the 'being' that I knew I really was, but originally wasn't quite sure how to get to her so I waited. I realised that I was never the little mouse, but the eagle who hadn't quite worked out how to make her wings work. There is now no consideration in what I write or share. If I have a message to share and I'll share it even if it doesn't make sense to anyone else, shit, I'll share it even if it doesn't make sense to me. I'll even share that I have nothing to share, that's still a message. I can see that everything is medicine and is happening for our liberation, our awakening. Even disease is a medicine. It shakes us to the core. There is always a choice, there is always freedom, we always have wings to see the big picture, but we don't all know how to use them. We can feel like we are the little mouse, but sometimes you need someone else to notice and be like "hey, you're not a mouse you're a fucking eagle". So this is me saying this to you. You're a fucking eagle! Stop sniffing around on the ground. But only some will actually hear this. Maybe that's you. Then you'll know it too. Your friends in their mouse hole might say "who do you think you are? you're a mouse not an eagle, come back into the hole with us" You'll say "don't you see you have wings too?" They'll say "you're crazy, don't tell me what you see is possible for me, I know what life is about, and it's about the cheese, looking after my small mouse family and staying safe" Then maybe you'll go back to pretending to be a mouse for a little while to fit in, but now you know you're an eagle so you won't last for long. Then you'll say "fuck it, I'm outta here" And you'll fly off into the sunset and maybe hit a few trees on your way up. Even when you're an experienced flyer there will be storms and strong winds, and you'll feel like it's hard to fly, but you'll never consider yourself a mouse again and you'll see all of it for what it is. You'll see that it's not the flying that's freedom but the seeing from this perspective. PS WOLF PACK OFFICIALLY JUST LAUNCHED If you've been wanting to work together to uplevel your business & money this is the only way to do it unless you're a private client, but this is just a fraction of the price. This is the only other way to get one-on-one access to me currently. This monthly mentorship will kick your ass in the best way, each month we will work on a topic around money/business and dive in deep, you'll also have the opportunity to be hot seated by me and get supported in the group. And if that wasn't enough we have a 70% intro offer right now! Normally it's $299 p/m, now only $89 for the first month. You can cancel anytime. Click here to sign up. This price will not last, soon it will go to the original already super low price.

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