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Your best day yet starts with a word

What would it look like if today was your best day on this planet yet?

What if there actually wasn’t room for any other possibilities other than today being the day that you allow yourself to be happy, powerful & compassionate.

When we wake up thinking today is going to be ‘busy/boring/whatever we are setting it up for that and not allowing for any other possibilities.

Swap your language and set yourself up for success. Words have so much power, we can feel them in our body.

It’s not about being fake, there is a silver lining to every situation. Find that and speak to it. Use words that are authentic to you.

For example after I started my own business people would ask, what’s it like? And I would often answer it’s hard. I then would explain that sometimes it’s great too and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So instead I tried answering with ‘it’s fun’ but that’s not entirely true either, sometimes it’s not.

So now I answer ‘it’s an incredible experience’. This feels right for me, I’ve grown so much in ways I never expected and everyday is so varied from the one before.

The trick is to find a word that’s positive & also feels authentic to you. I’ve made a short list below.

Need to, Have to > Want to, Get to

Tired to > Recharging

Hard > Fascinating, interesting, challenging

Busy, Overwhelmed > In demand

Failing > Learning, Discovering

Criticism > Feedback, Advice

I Should > I am, I prefer

Gullible > Trusting

Words hold so much power, notice how they make you feel when you speak using negative language vs positive language.

What If today is your best day yet?

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