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Your purpose is not something you choose

Your purpose, your mission, doesn't need to be so thought out.

In fact, it's really not something that you even choose.

It chooses you, you might not even be able to put it together in a sentence.

When someone asks me what I do for work I never really know what to say, it always changes.

I often ask my clients 'how would you describe the work we do together?' hoping I'll have something nice and tidy I can put on my Instagram bi-line.

But it doesn't work like that if you are co-collaborator with life.

Because life is not static.

Sure the interests & the message will often have a similar flavour, but the modalities will change.

If they are not changing you are not collaborating with life.

You are putting yourself in a box and saying 'now be a good girl and stay in these lines, keep your message consistent, do the same shit day in & day out' because that's what it looks like to build a big business that makes great money and has an impact.

Yeh it's also fucking boring and if you are the 1% who hate being told what to do, and hate being chained down (unless it's for play ;p), telling yourself what to do day in & day out because 'that's how you get results' is going to cause burn-out, confusion, and this feeling of chasing your tail constantly.

It's a total lie that you need to do things a certain way, you know that, but do you REALLY know it?

Do you really believe it?

Do you really trust yourself? Do you really trust life?

Because if you don't you won't ever let yourself get to the place where your creative genius comes out.

You will keep on regurgitating other peoples stuff, keep on selling shit you don't really want to sell, keep on concerning yourself with how you'll make the next dollar. And that's what will keep you on the wheel.

Money. because you don't really believe that money will flow to you without you doing all the 'good girl' things.

And you make money matter, even though you might say it doesn't, it does.

Sometimes it keeps you up at night, 'if I just had a little more' I'd be free.

So you say you'll let yourself play latter, but first I need to make the money.

Go ahead, saturate the market with more crap, more surface-level bullshit.

If you want to stay safe so your family, friends & work colleagues won't be 'shocked', possibly offended, or maybe even think you're 'selling too much, or sharing too much'.

If you want to work and push to bring in money, do funnels, run ads, copy your business mentor, and be a parrot. By the way, there is nothing wrong with using these things, but it's not the thing.


You could be the artist you are, you could decide that you don't actually need any of it. And that's greater than any freedom money, accolades, respect, admiration can give you. But of course, these things also come, if you decide.

Money is really not mystical or magic. It's a decision, and it has NOTHING to do with what you think it has to do with.

It has nothing to do with being a good person. It has nothing to do with being of purpose. And actually, your pushing, grinding & desperation for it is what keeps it at bay.

Your art and money are separate. As soon as you start employing your art to make money for you, you crush it.

It doesn't mean you don't sell your art or make offers, actually, you should be doing MORE of this. So should I.

It's that you keep your art pure & clear, it's purpose is not a purpose.

It's because you let it come through, that's how creating gets to be easy, when you allow it to come through without all the bullshit of being of purpose or making money.

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