If you're not wealthy there is only one reason.

It's because you haven't conditioned yourself.


starts feb 2


Never feel like making money is hard again.

Call in massive amounts of money.


Manage and grow your money using fundamental & practical financial knowledge.


Know how to invest your money using investment education and economic principles.


Have more than enough so you can be that generous person you’ve always wanted to be.

UNDERSTAND your own money blocks, pull them out the ones that don't serve you & plant new ones.


Intake open now for December.  Join now to get the bonus nutrition & investment programs plus join live for the next coaching call in the community which you'll get access to right away when you join:


  • You have enough financially, but want to have more wealth to up level your life & the lives of those around you, but don’t see how you could get there without sacrificing.


  • You go all in when you have your back against the wall financially and seem to make miracles happen, but you're tired of the cycle and want to have more than enough all the time.


  • You’ve always known that you were born to do great things & live life on your terms. But as you got older you started to be ‘realistic’ and lowered your standards of life. 


  • Maybe you have absolutely no knowledge about finance, or maybe you studied the damn thing, but you know that there is a better & easier way to manage your money you just need some ass-kicking & simple steps to put it in place.


  • You have mild anxiety or guilt when spending money on yourself or others, you feel like the more you spend the more you'll have to work to make up for it.


  • You procrastinate when it comes to managing your money & growing your wealth and not exactly where to start or what's even possible for you.


  • You feel nervous to talk about money or ask for money owed from clients, partners, friends and family.


  • You have ideas but seem to run out of steam when it comes to putting it out into the world.


  • You find yourself trying to find that ‘one’ strategy or that ‘one’ healing modality that will shift & change everything, but then lose momentum.


  • You’ve got a burning desire to step into your life that is wealthy, juicy & where you always have more than enough, where you feel comfortable and even joyful to spend, where you have systems in place to grow your wealth.


Then join School of Money.


You’re going to learn everything you need to know about money management systems, financial assets, how to invest, and how to make more money & remove the fear around money. 

It’s important to note I do not recommend any financial products or give financial advice. I teach you the tools & educated you to do it yourself.  I'm not affiliated with any institution and I receive no commission or payments from any of the financial institutions I may mention. 

I've worked with 100's of PEOPLE FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE including:















WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT working with me

I tried to start my own business a year ago but I gave up after a month. After just 2 months of working together I have 4 clients and gave a sold-out workshop. I would have given up for sure if it wasn't for Freya. She knows intuitively where I'm struggling with. She has lived it all, and she shares her experiences, which makes me not want to give up! She really changed my money mindset and turned me into an artist. I'm making huge progress with my business, and besides that, I have never been so happy in my life, because the effect that she has on my mindset, also affects my mental state hugely, which then affects my motivation on working on my business. I love everything about her! She is fun, warm, funny, wise, and authentic! I feel very seen and I can feel the trust she has in me!

Freya made me question the things that I thought to be true about money. The way that she structures the learning, from the foundation upwards, made it really clear and easy to make actual changes to my mindset, that have helped to propel me forward. I find that finance and incomes can get messy but Freya really helped me to categorise both in my head and also my money so that I have clear goals that are meeting my values. Thanks Freya

Working with Freya is absolute gold! I have loved doing her program. She really offers such amazing high value content & service to help you be your most authentic self & of course, to realize you can makes TONS of money just by being you & showing up every day as yourself. I've also been working one-on-one with her and it has been so valuable to me as an online yoga entrepreneur to have her support as I navigate things like creating new programs, managing my money streams, organizing my accounts, and remembering my motivation when the times get tough! Because let's face it, they do sometimes. But the biggest takeaway I've learned from Freya is that I just decide what I want, that I want to make tons of money doing something I love, serving my community, showing up & doing the work. I can't recommend Freya enough! You'll get hooked once you start working with her- so just dive in & do it!!

Working Being a novice investor, completing Freya's program has given me the basis and the knowledge to make smart investment decisions that will benefit me for life! Freya's down to earth personality and her knowledge of finance make a great combination if you're looking to gain the necessary insights to start building your wealth in a clear cut and straightforward way. I have been able to make the shift from someone with absolutely no clue about investing, to someone who is excited and looking forward to watching that compound interest grow baby grow!
Thanks for everything Freya!

I have walked away with not only knowledge on how to invest but also trust in investing. I feel confident and pretty grateful to be able to say I will be investing until I die and know how to begin to completely set up my goal in being financially free.
For any women or men that need some guidance on all things money start with Freya. I would recommend x

I had an insanely amazing experience working with Freya so much valuable information was shared. I left feeling inspired, supported and excited about my offerings, clarity on my message, how to make money without feeling like a sales dude. Thank you for everything you do. Thank you for being you.

When I was a child I was literally so appalled that I didn’t live in a castle painted with pink sparkly nail polish with trampoline floors in a faraway land filled with ponies.


It wasn’t that I had big dreams, it was that I just expected that to be the level of life I played at.


I just had no idea on how to condition myself to create a reality that was a match for for my desires. I didn’t have the tools of money mindset or financial education, instead I got programmed to dull down my goals, work hard, and do the right things, and no one taught me anything about money management. 


But I dedicted the last 12 years to understanding the practical and energectics of money. With a bachelor degree in economics & finance, and I was one of the youngest to ever completed the highest certification as a financial advisor with a CFP, plus 10 years working as an advisor and investment analyst....But it wasn't until I put all of the practical with the mindset that I really learnt and understood how to match my reality with my desired life.


Now I live in a Queendom on tropical islands, but my taste has changed a little. I swapped the pink nail polish walls for pink cushions and the trampoline for a swimming pool.


But it wasn’t always like this…


I remember sitting at my desk in a big concrete building after years of studying and working longs hours wondering is this it?...


At that moment I had a wish, I wished that I would get cancer.


Not so much that it would kill me, but enough so that I had a reason to just stop everything, because the life I was living was not at all the fun, playful, free and colourful one I imagined as a child, and I sure as hell didn't want to wait until I was 65 to live life the way I wanted.


I wish I could say that’s when I changed my entire life and moved to a life of total freedom. But it wasn’t, it was a long burn. I had a few anxiety attacks, burn-out, heart palpitations, partied hard, an eating disorder along the way.


I made the call to choose freedom over an income. I  quit my job and rode a bicycle through Asia with my boyfriend Chris.


The crazy thing was that I knew pretty much everything there was to know on a practical level about money.


Yet I had no idea how to use it for my own freedom, and I was totally addicted to having a wage, I didn’t really believe I could ever make that much money and live life on my terms.


I honestly believed it was a choice of freedom or of wealth.


I decided freedom was more important to me.


That was until I had an offer from a business to work as a financial advisor under their licence, I’d have my own support team, I could run it as my own business, I could work from wherever I liked, and they even gave me so many leads I could hardly keep up.


Freedom and wealth.


I started to see that perhaps it was possible to have both.


But before long I felt like I was trading my freedom again.


I decided to get a mindset coach, I wanted to make money without loosing myself. I paid $10,000 upfront and it scared the shit out of me, it was the most I’d ever paid for anything!!


I was the person who would read the menu and decide what to order based on the lowest price... and then eat everyone else's leftovers. Even when I was earning over 6 figures!


I had no idea that no matter how much I earnt I’d always feel poor unless I worked on my money mindset.


It was doing this work that really propelled me to see that living a free, fun and playful life that I imagined as a child was actually possible.


That, of course, I could live life on my terms, that I can be wealthy & free. And now I had the tools to make it a reality.  


Now I don’t choose between wealth and freedom.


Now I’m generous with money, not because I have more of it, although that does help, but because of my mindset. I order what I want to eat, not based on the price, but based on what I want!


In the household I grew up in being rich meant that you took off the poor, and we were the poor, now I see this was was blocking me from really stepping into my wealth because I felt like I was taking off someone else, and I felt like I'd be judged for it by my family.


In fact with money we can do a lot more to change the world. We can support projects, we get to employee people, we are able to provide for our family, and we can buy products & services that support all the prople involved in that businesses. We get to live a life of pleasure & of purpose.

Now I have $20,000 months, without any sacrifices for who I am and how I want to live my life. I have an automated money management system kicking away in the background contributing to investment portfolios to provide a passive income and I have a smooth cash flow even though I'm self-employed! 

I team money mindset with 10 years of experience as a financial advisor.


Condition yourself to make more money, feel wealthy, and know how to manage & grow your money on a practical level.


They don't teach you this shit at school but I will xx

If you want to be wealthy & actually feel wealthy you’re going to need to do something really different from what you have been doing.


Join School of Money today to understand how to make, manage money and grow money. 

What you'll get when you enroll in the school of money:

  • Lifetime access to the School of Money program and community

  • 3 months of money mindset & money education to take your wealth to the next level, that you'll be able to keep for life and you'll receive ongoing training updates.

  • Ongoing monthly group coaching, workshops and access to Freya for life through the community

  • Plus over $3,697 worth of bonuses

What you'll LEARN in the school of money:

  • How to grow wealth in a simple, easy & effective way

  • Remove the fear and blocks around money

  • Understand your own money beliefs & money personality

  • Unlock the potential to earn & attract more money than you need

  • Be unapologetically all of you, price yourself accordingly and be unavailable for anything less

  • Manage your cash flow like a pro without a budget

  • Understand the fundamentals of the share market & investment markets

  • Investing ethically, how to do it and how to get just as good returns

  • How to earn passive income year in and year out from your assets

  • The different type of assets and understand which ones suit you

  • How to make your money work for you

  • The power of compound interest, what it means and what it can do for you

  • Set clear targets that are connected to what you truly want

  • Have a cash pool of back up money so you never get caught short again

  • Get your money working for you, it's not going to grow sitting in cash

  • Understand good debt & bad debt, and create a debt strategy to pay of any debt you do have

  • How to negotiate lower fees & higher income

  • Weekly trainings on money mindset & money management, that are yours to keep for life

  • Weekly homework to actually put this stuff into action so you can START now

  • Bonus training pre-work to get you primed and ready to build your wealth

  • Manage your cash flow without a budget training

  • Personal spending & asset builder worksheet

  • Increase your income masterclass & worksheet

  • Lifetime access to the Wolf Pack (business & money mentorship program)

  • Invest Like A Queen bonus program

  • Full Power bonus program

  • Live Q&A in the Wolf Pack each month for life

  • Access to the group for Life where you can ask questions & get ongoing bonus trainings  

  • 24 modules for you to keep for life

How it works

You'll get access right away to the community, the Wolf Pack where we have 3 coaches sessions per month plus bonuses trainnings. You can access hundreds of past trainings right away and join live for upcoming coaching session. You'll get access to the bonus programs right away too!


The School of Money official 3 month trainning will launch Dec 4 where you'll get access to a new module each week on mindset & money management. You'll be able to keep these for life.

Invest Like A Queen (Value $499)

5 part in-depth program to build and manage your own investment portfolio. Understand how the share market works, how the economy works, and how you can start investing today with as little at $10 per week. This is my most popular specialised program and for good reason.


(Value $499)

Our body is an important tool to become fully actualised and hit our dreams. In this program, you'll learn in-depth about how to get your body and health to full power & vibrance through nutrition & fasting. 

Lifetime access to the wolf pack community

(Value $119 per month/$2,699 for lifetime)

You'll get lifetime access to the Wolf Pack where we do live coaching sessions, masterclasses and Q&A's every month. You can ask any questions in the group and Freya will respond. 

Here is the basic outline of some of what we'll be covering together over the 3 months

school of money curriculum 


More focus= More money. Get clarity on your ultimate life & set clear wealth goals. 


We tap into your future & most magnetic self using deep imaginings. 


Clarity on your current financial position. This is where you pull off the covers and you look at your income, expenses, debt and cash. 


Spring clean baby. We declutter the physical & the mental. 


We analysis the gap, the $$ difference financially between where you are and where you want to be.


We dig into the beliefs that are keeping you small & uncomfortable with wealth. 


Create 3 pillars of income. Increase income so you can meet your goals. We don't cut spending. 


Become a money-making idea generator. We use game theory to take your income to the next level.


Set up a winning automated cash flow structure that will mean never having to budget.


We bring forward the most unapologetic versions of ourselves.


We get clear on what is good debt vs bad debt, and how to pay off debt.


The two most important aspects in becoming the highest version of yourself, the knowing and the no.


Become your own safty net. Build up your own buffer account, and understand how insurances work and if you need them. 


Get to know who money is on an intimate level so you can attract more of it. 


Understand about asset classes & how to choose the ones that will best support your vision. 


Decide on who you are and what you're own policies are, what you're available for and what you're not available for.


Here you will build out a plan to buy or payoff your own home. We talk buying vs renting.


What to do when it's not working for you, you feel like it's just never going to happen and you want to give up.


Understand different tax structures.


Speak, act, think like a wealthy millionaire. The millionaire abundant mindset.


We analyse your retirement fund & compare funds. Work out how much you'll have at retirement & if you need to make extra contributions.


Take aligned action, understand how to access your inner roadmap directing you to exactly where you need to go.


Leave a legacy, get clear on where you want your wealth to go when you die and how to put your intentions in place. 


Implementation & reward yourself! Now you have your money automations set up, your financially smart, and your midset has been re-invented, it's time to make sure it all sticks so this now becomes your new normal.

have questions?

Still not sure? Send me a message here and I'll personally respond. If you prefer to have a phone call we have you covered, our team can jump on a quick call with you to answer your questions, just send me a message asking for a call.

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