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The industry first Money School that combines in depth practical money management with the energetics of wealth to set you up to be a millionaire, comfortably.

The industry first Money School that combines in depth practical money management with the energetics of wealth to set you up to be a millionaire, comfortably.


Build and manage your own investments, with a solid strategy to reach $1mill plus


Create your own financial roadmap, covering every important area of financial independence


Become financial literate and masterful in using this knowledge to live life on your terms

Heal your relationship with money. Unlock the generous, wealthy version of you.

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The process taught in School of Money is backed by solid financial education based on methods that are proven by data and decades worth of experience. There is no guessing on the 'how' to reach financial freedom, no relying on 'manifestation' to be a millionaire plus. This method is based on facts, numbers and pragmatism. We do cover mindset and money relationships, but this is not the sole way to become financially empowered, we need both.

My method is based on facts, simplicity and effectiveness, sprinkled with a little magic.

I'm quite certain that most who read this can build at least a million dollars and be financially independent (do not need to work or rely on anyone else for income). But it's not quick, it's simple once you get it, but takes patience.  Even with $50p/w you can build a million dollar portfolio if you have patience and the ability to leave it alone to do it's thing.

But the investment part is just one ingredient, investment is the part everyone thinks is the most important, but each ingredient is equally important for financial independence.  Like baking a cake.  In the School of Money I teach you how to bake financial independence, this is what I did for clients when I worked as a financial advisor- but this time I teach it all to you so you have this practical knowledge for life. Knowing this and having a plan could be the difference of millions of dollars over a life time.

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Lifetime access to School of Money including all updated versions, $1,742 in additional self-actualisation focused programs, lifetime access to the community group, lifetime support to your financial questions in the group,
& much more 

Access to over 36 hours of education through 5 programs and the online community:


Your own clear and concise investment and financial road map to create-along as you work through the program:

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Together we will create your own personalised financial plan with a 32 page template for you to fill in during the program.

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Together we will create your own personalised investment plan based on your values, desires and solid investment strategies. 


“ School of Money is the most well rounded in depth course on managing every aspect of money. Applied as directed- this will change your life! Freya doesn’t just talk you through basic financial principles and strategy. She helps you understand it, know it, breathe it, but most of all Freya helps you believe in yourself. During this program I went from being unsure of how I would provide basic needs for my son and I, to be totally financially taken care of well beyond what I could ever have imagined. This program changed our life."

Alicia Stasev, Womens Empowerment


“ Do you think you can be free from being concerned about money if you are rich? I don’t think so. I am an independent career woman. but I was not free from money concerns., I also know world class famous investors and CEOs and they are also not free. What makes us truly free is mindset teamed with smart knowledge which we can’t buy.
But we can buy Freya's School Of Money and learn to cultivate mindset and actual techniques to build asset without costing our precious energy on it, which is the reason why I loved it!  I'm now building assets stress free"

Megumi , Cardiologist

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“ School of Money is the most comprehensive course on money I've found! it has the perfect blend of mindset with the practical real world steps to become a financially organised, ambitious and abundant queen! I have previously felt very overwhelmed and disempowered around money management, now with Freyas professional wisdom that she shares relatable and in an engaging way she has inspired my financial management to the next level, brining me freedom on all levels- financially & emotionally. "

Sarah Mac
Writer, Messaging & Coach 

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Please review our most common questions before purchasing the School of Money: 

What if I've already paid for one of your programs included in School of Money?

We will refund you for the price of the other program. For example if you enrolled in Invest Like A Queen for $999, we will refund you $999 once you sign up to School of Money. Please send an email to with your enrollment details and we will process the refund. 

I'm not good with numbers or money. Will I be able to understand, enjoy and put into place what is taught in School of Money?
Absolutely, everything is taught assuming no financial understanding and math is not required- I show you how to skip that while still uncovering the numbers unique to you.

I'm a finance professional, will I still get something out of this program?
Yes, we have had accountants, financial advisers and investment analysts take this program. I worked as an advisor and investment analyst myself for 10 years and most of this was overlooked in the industry, since I focus on simplicity while not over looking any component. 

I'm pretty busy and don't have a lot of time that I want to commit to this, yet I know it's something I need to put in place. Do you still recommend this for me?
This program is very detailed, yes everything is given is bit sized practical pieces so you can take it at your own pace. You can work through it as you wish by choosing the modules most important to you first and when you have more time going through the rest of the program. You will have access for life so there is no rush.

I'm living pay check to pay check, do you recommend I take this program?
No, I would not recommend it. Focus on increasing your income and getting your basic needs covered first. While this program will teach you how to increase income and build wealth, it works best when there is no financial urgencies.

Is this suitable for me if I do not live in Australia?
Yes, I'm a global financial consultant and teach you the foundations that are relevant across the globe. Since we do strategy here, you will need to be aware of your country's rules and regulations, I hold your hand in navigating this. You can also ask any specifics in the program in the comments and we will support you.

Can my partner do it with me?
Yes! We encourage partners (and if you have teenagers or adult kids) to do the course together. If you're doing it as a family, you only purchase the course once but we'll still let you all into the Facebook group.

What if I don't like the program, can I get a refund?
For those who paid upfront- you may cancel your enrollment within the first 72 hours of being added to the program for a $150 cancellation fee to reimburse the transaction fee charged to us through our payment platform. After 72 hours  are sales are final & there is no cancellation option.
For those on the payment plan- you may cancel your enrollment within the first 72 hours of being added to the program for a $60 cancellation fee to reimburse the transaction fee charged to us through our payment platform. The payment plan is not a membership, it is a financial agreement and failure to keep up with payments may result in being removed from the program and legal action.

Questions? Please reach out to with any questions.


“ Big shout out to Freya for creating a fun, kickass course to empower women. I loved the whole concept! Freya is filled with knowledge and is able to share it in an engaging format that is easy to understand. But most importantly, I loved the flexibility. I was able to work around my 3 month and 3 year old. And love how I have continual access to the content, so that I can re-visit all the information for all my future investing questions. The compound interest ia making me a millionaire and I’ll be sipping g&t’s in the Mediterranean"

Laura Watterson, Mum


“Life changing content from a dynamic woman who cuts through the drama and dogma and gives you the gold. You’ll be financially enlightened for good."

Victoria Fox, Founder MISS FOX


“I absolutely loved it, I realised how valuable it is to have an expert to guide me through finances so decided to engage in a full financial review and strategy. Freya took into account every area of finances, even the ones I didn't know existed and ensured they were working for my benefit. Getting clear on what it was that I wanted in life including the big dreams I never even considered were possible"

Sam Brown, Environmental Engineer


“Freya was a total magician and educator during the process of establishing a financial game-plan and road map ahead for me. She really dove into every detail and option, while making sure I understood what each step meant. Much more thorough and educational than I originally expected. Would recommended for anyone looking for comprehensive personal wealth framework and crystal-clear action steps forward!"

Chad, Entrepreneur 


“Loved the course with Freya! It was set up perfectly to be able to follow along at my own pace, with short lessons each week to really go through the ins & outs. Freya made the whole process feel super achievable, in a really straight forward, easy to understand format. The Facebook group to be able to ask questions along the way was really helpful. Freya's guidance is 100% worth the investment, thank you so much for giving me the financial confidence"

Lisa McKernan, Account Director


“Freya!!! Absolutely loved the invest like a queen course!  I love how accessible you’ve made this course as it’s so easy to understand and get started. I was pretty overwhelmed by even just the thought of investing in stock and spoke to numerous financial advisers in the past who told me it’s complicated and in best to just fork out a big wad cash for them to practically do it all for me. Fuck that. You’ve saved me time and $$$. Gosh I’m hooked."

Luka, Intimacy Guide

“Freya was able to look at my situation, goals, and approach and guide me to a place that was smarter, productive, lucrative and pleasurable than I ever could've gotten to on my own. I now have great cash flow and savings strategy, an investment portfolio (I never thought I would be someone with one of those!), and no more guilt when it comes to enjoying my money (hallelujah!).She was also there to pick me up when I fell off the horse and keeping me accountable along the way."

Anonymous, Politician

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Become a for private client for all access $9,999

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I asked students of School of Money what words they felt of when they thought of money before they started the program, here are some of them:









I asked same students after completing of School of Money what words they felt of when they thought of money, here are some of them:











Hi, I'm Freya

I'm a money and self-actualisation expert.

My professional finance career started over 12 years ago as a financial advisor and investment analyst working with some of the worlds most prestigious global investment firms. I also founded a financial literacy program for disadvantaged women.

Freya holds Bachelors of Business in Applied Finance & Economics and has completed the Certified Financial Planner CFP® program.

Freya is the creator of the worlds first Money School that combines true deep financial education with money mindset.