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The industry first Money School that combines in depth practical money management with the energetics of wealth to set you up to be a millionaire, comfortably.

million dollar money management  

starts feb 2

Limitless wealth is something that is learnable and programable.


When we empower ourselves, lead ourself, and take responsibility for ourselves; money, opportunities & resources become a natural byproduct. 

This requires a shift in focus and energy, a shift away from survival and necessity, to a commitment to thrive.


To make this shift requires confidence and trust.


Not blind trust, but a trust in yourself because you have a solid financial understanding. With that you can now confidently make educated decisions, and in fact you rarely have to make financial decisions at all since you have a strategy and automated implementation of it.


No more making it up and hoping it works out as you go.


You have now mastered financial tools to support you.


You now are able to access grace and infinite resources since they are a match for you new commitment and active faith.


Knowing how to access more than enough allows us to move past the preoccupation with covering our basic needs that keeps us from self-actualisation. 

Knowing how to access and easily manage more-than-enough wealth allows us the space to focus on our evolution, perfect creative expression, relationships, health and mastery. Plus it makes money become fun and like a game!

I decided to study economics & finance because I wanted to make a lot of money, I believed money was the solution to just about everything.


I worked for over 10 years in the financial services industry.


I realised financial freedom did not only involve how to manage & grow money, but how to access the infinite pool of wealth; how to spend it well; and how to truely feel rich.


By this stage I knew very well how to manage and grow money, but it felt like I needed to make a great sacrifice to bring money in.  

Now I bring in great money without sacrifice, I spend without guilt, and because of my experience in finance I understand the practical pieces on how to manage and grow it.

I empower women to empower themselves through financial education and spiritual laws of abundance to access  wealth & freedom that is rightfully theirs to go onto manage millions of dollars, comfortably.

In this program I walk you through EVERYTHING I would do as a financial advisor with private clients to create a detailed financial plan just for you, and together we will create your own financial roadmap, you'll be empowered and educated every step of the way.

We team this with neurological techniques and spiritual laws to reprogram limiting beliefs and to shift your energy to tune into the evolved version of yourself at the frequency where only extra-ordinary is an option.

This is my masterpiece and my most comprehensive program yet, it's been a work in progress for over 12 years!

In The School of Money I take you through a rite of passage to reach an evolution of elite financial intelligence and universal wealth wisdom to invite in limitless wealth that will support you in managing millions of dollars, comfortably. 

Register now. Simply select your preferred payment type below. You'll get access to the modules right away. We will go LIVE together on November the 7th with additional bi-weekly LIVE sessions and group support.

In This Program we will build out your own in depth financial roadmap. I'll teach you how to implement and manage it yourself,  this is the most in depth financial plan you will ever have, and only at a fraction of the cost since you will understand it and will easily be able to manage it yourself. This is the service the firms I worked at would charge 5 figures per year for and would essentially lock clients in because we never taught them how to do it themselves. 

You will be educated and empowered along the way, your financial IQ will be with the elite, it is simple and requires no previous understanding of money, you don't even need to be good at math!

We will combine financial education with the spiritual laws and neurological processes to uncover the infinite wealth available to you.




    We start with 1 month of investor education to give you a foundation to know how to use & invest financial assets - this includes knowing how to create your own share portfolio in a professional low maintenance & effect way- this financial investment education will support you to get to where you want to go.  This involves bite-sized masterclasses and homework to implement it.



  4. We gather up your current financial position so you know exactly where you are. Assets, debts, income and spending. 

    We build out the vision for your extraordinary life so you know what direction to step towards. We create financial goals to support your journey. The financial goals are the basis for a detailed financial roadmap you fill out during the program.


    Each week you will understand a new money management area that is imperative in creating limitless wealth. You will become financially intelligent & empowered along the journey, no matter your financial literacy starting point. These are recorded masterclasses with homework.



  8. Along the journey together I will guide you to build out your own financial roadmap and investment strategy in a template I've created for you. You will have this to keep as your financial North Star.

    Each week you will shift at a cellular level with a new masterclass on the energetics & mindset of wealth.  We combine spiritual laws and neurological processes. This will shift you to the frequency & alignment of limitless wealth.  These are recorded masterclasses with homework to fully embody these teachings.


  9. When you sign up you'll receive access to the entire program right away.


  11. You can begin right away and on November the 1st I will host bi-weekly live sessions to support you plus you get 24 access to the group support.

  12. The program is designed to be taken over 4 months for the keen student, although the average time taken is around 10 months.


  14. The first month starts with investment education where you will take the program Invest Like A Queen.

    Once you understand investments we start on building out your financial roadmap with practical money management masterclasses and money mindset masterclass each week Each is between 20-50mins with implementation.

  15. You have access to the program forever so you can take it at your own pace.


  17. With each module you will understand & up-level your financial IQ and expand your wealth capacity.

    At the end of the program  you will have built out a simple, effective financial roadmap. This roadmap will detail  exactly how to get from where you are to where you want to be in ALL financial aspects- even the ones you never knew you needed to know-

    You will know how to build & manage your own investment portfolio and create your own investment strategy that will keep you on target for LIFE.

    what you geT

  • Live bi-weekly sessions starting on Nov 1st for 4 months

  • Live group support for 4 months

  • 24 modules from School of Money

  • A financial roadmap workbook to build your own roadmap as we move along

  • 12 modules plus bonuses from Invest Like A Queen

  • An investment strategy workbook to build your own investment strategy and philosophy

  • 10-day program to get clear on your purpose & on your messaging from Unshakable

  • Bonus lifetime access to the Invest Like A Queen membership where you ask investment questions forever and where I host future investment Q&A

  • All future program updates and add on's

  • Lifetime access to take the program at your own pace and return to it

  • Bonus training pre-work to get you primed and ready to build your wealth

  • Bonus Increase your income masterclass

  • Bonus Financial goal & vision setting

  • Bonus Access to past Q&A's and all future Q&A's


This is the roadmap you will fill out during The School of Money. This roadmap will detail step-by-step how to get to where you  want to go starting from where you are right now. This  map includes:

  • Your values

  • Your vision & financial goals

  • A snapshot of your current financial situation 

  • A new cash flow structure to support your life today while supporting your future goals (no budgets)

  • A strategy to fund all lifestyle goals ie: travel/personal development/new car

  • A debt plan to pay off any debt

  • A strategy to manage cash flow & assets in relationships

  • Protecting your income and your family/future family

  • Understand renting vs buying & what is best for you

  • A strategy to buy your own home in under 2 year

  • A strategy to pay down your mortgage and invest

  • Your own investment philosophy

  • Investments to support your long-term goal

  • Having more than enough for retirement

  • The right financial structures to reduce tax

  • Understanding if you need financial agreements for your relationships

  • Estate plan & Power of Attorneys

  • A plan to leave a legacy

plus weekly money mindset masterclasses to active the frequency for limitless wealth

Register now. Simply select your preferred payment type below. You'll get access to the modules right away. We will go LIVE together on November the 7th with additional bi-weekly LIVE sessions and group support.

In the School of Money I teach you how to become financially intelligent and how to set yourself up for limitless wealth in a way that is simple and practical.


In a way that will light you up and energise you, where money is fun and abundant, where you are excited for today and your future.


  • You're intelligent but when it comes to finances it seems like another language that you were never taught and honestly don't have the motivation to learn because it seems so boring!

  • Sorting out your money stuff feels overwhelming and big!

  • You have enough financially but it feels like one wrong move could jeopardise it all.

  • Making financial decisions sometimes can give you analysis paralysis so you hold off until it feels very urgent.

  • You you have enough wealth for the basics, but you wouldn't call it limitless wealth and you have no idea how to grow it in a big way.


  • You go all in when you have your back against the wall financially and seem to make miracles happen, but you don't want to use urgency as a motivator for wealth and creation anymore. 


  • You’ve always known that you were born to do great things & live life on your terms. But you haven't quite reached the point of total freedom yet and sometimes it feels unreachable.


  • Maybe you have absolutely no knowledge about money, or maybe you studied the damn thing, but you know that there is a better & easier way to manage your money you just need some ass-kicking & simple steps to put it in place.


  • You have mild anxiety or guilt when spending money on yourself or others, you want to be generous but feel like you don't have quite enough!


  • You procrastinate when it comes to managing your money & growing your wealth. You don't even know where to start.

  • Money is sometimes an issue in your relationships, there are things unsaid, resentments held, fairness is an issue, or guilt around receiving. 


  • You're waiting for the ‘one’ strategy or  ‘one’ investment to provide you with the key to growing and manage your wealth, but nothing has felt right yet.

  • You can feel a fire somewhere deep inside of you, that is calling you to be better, to be great, to infinite wealth & freedom.


Then join School Of Money and Change Your Life. 

It’s important to note I do not recommend any financial products or give financial advice. I teach you the tools & educate you to do it yourself.  I'm not affiliated with any institution and I receive no commission or payments from any financial institutions.

I've worked with 100's of PEOPLE using this method, some of my clients include:




















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If you're ready to program yourself to limitless wealth using solid financial education & reprogramming your beliefs, habits and entire being join The School of Money.  

Register now. Simply select your preferred payment type below. You'll get access to the modules right away. We will go LIVE together on November the 7th with additional bi-weekly LIVE sessions and group support.

A little about how this program was born...


I was always fascinated by money, by the secret world it opens up, one where we are not limited by funds to explore the world and who we are.

Growing up we didn’t have much money and I saw that as a massive sore spot in our household, that it limited our ability to say yes to experiences we desired. I also saw it as the cause of my Mums stress. This fuelled my focus on getting money.


When it was time to decide on my career path it was a choice between studying fine arts or finance. I chose finance. It felt like the only way to freedom.


I had equated money to freedom. I had been programmed that ‘artists are poor’, and I wasn't going to be 'poor'.


I completed a Bachelor in applied Economics & Finance, I was then accepted in an internship in finance, and soon after completed the CFP which is considered post-grad equivalent for financial advisors. I worked with some of the highest regarded finance firms in the world for over 10 years and created education for other professional investors.


I was deep in it.


But I didn’t feel all that free, even though I was surrounded by the world of money, and none of the people I worked along side seemed all that free, even with huge amounts of money.

Not only that what we advised was often way more complicated than it needed to be. There was this dependency that was created so clients had to rely on us for their money management because it was so complex. 

The truth is that so much of the complexity is created to keep the wheels churning in the industry, of course,  sometimes complex situations require complex solutions. But for the majority it's possible to be empowered to manage it yourself in a way that is simple and just as, if not more effective.


I was also bored of working in the industry, I was bored of old rich people, I was bored of the stiffness of it all, I was bored of myself.


I decided to walk away from the finance world. I walked away with a lot of knowledge and a lot of experience in the practical sense of it all. But I wondered why did I feel so poor and why hadn't I built up a huge amount of wealth yet?  I earned a very respectable wage and I knew all the complex strategies.


Then I realised how simple building & managing wealth to create limitless wealth was, I had over complicated it.

And even more of a realisation was that I started to see my unconscious programs around money & wealth that kept me feeling like it was never enough and kept blinders on to access infinite wealth.


A business mentor I started to work with opened me up to shifting to an abundance mindset and it changed everything.


I saw that wealth & freedom didn’t have that much to do with working hard and saving your pennies, as much as it did to programming and walking towards a big vision.


My mentor once said ‘your problem is not that you spend too much, it’s that you don’t earn enough’.

She was right.


I had been playing small, I believed my income was capped, that I just wasn't the type of person that could earn multiple 5-figures in a month.


Back then it didn’t even matter how much I would have earned. I’d still have felt that it was not enough and it would have come with a feeling of deep fear & responsibility. 

Because money is only an enhancer. It doesn't change what is there, it just makes it larger. So if you're a tight ass with no money, you'll be more of a tight ass with money.  This is why working on the internal landscape while building wealth is so important for our own grace with life.

But the great thing about what I teach is that you don't need to ever earn multiple-5 or 6 figures per month to become a millionaire. $50p/w is enough to build a million dollar portfolio. But you need to know the strategy and you need to commit to it forever. Because limitless wealth is about creating wealth that will last your entire lifetime and beyond. 

It's not a short term play. This is for the person who is ready to commit to their future and stay the path. It doesn't take much effort or energy, but it does take confidence to not get distracted by shiny promises, you will gain this confidence in The School of Money. One student recently messaged me saying she now hardly thinks about money, whereas before the program it was constantly on her mind, she now knows how to get money working for her.

I teach people how to manage money in a way that means they don't need to earn a wage forever, not by investing in an get-rich-quick fads, but using solid money management fundamentals that I use myself and the investment greats have been using for the last 100 years.


This is freedom, not just in the sense of creating limitless wealth, but in the sense of not needing to rely on anyone else to manage your money, and to manage it in a way that is simple and very time efficient (think 30mins a month once you've implemented your roadmap!)

But it's not enough to just have the practical stuff down.  Because we can still feel poor, like I did, and even with huge amounts of wealth we can still become preoccupied with it. This is all unconscious programming.

This is why I've created the world industry first Money School that combines the practical, the energetics and the mindset involved with limitless wealth.


This is more than just a program on money, it's a rite of passage to claim your extraordinary life. 

They don't teach you this shit at school but I will xx


the inner circle vip offer


6 months one-on-one work with freya. Access to the school of money. ACCESS TO OVER 6 OTHER PROGRAMS IN THE VAULT, plus private support for wealth, business, health and love.



 If you want to be wealthy & actually feel wealthy you’re going to need to do something really different from what you have been doing.


Register now. Simply select your preferred payment type below. You'll get access to the modules right away. We will go LIVE together on November the 7th with additional bi-weekly LIVE sessions and group support.

What you'll LEARN in the school of money:

  • How to grow wealth in a simple, easy & effective way

  • Remove the fear and blocks around money

  • Understand your own money beliefs & money personality

  • Unlock the potential to earn & attract more money than you need

  • Be unapologetically all of you, price yourself accordingly and be unavailable for anything less

  • Manage your cash flow like a pro without a budget

  • Understand the fundamentals of the share market & investment markets

  • Investing ethically, how to do it and how to get just as good returns

  • How to earn passive income year in and year out from your assets

  • The different type of assets and understand which ones suit you

  • How to make your money work for you

  • The power of compound interest, what it means and what it can do for you

  • Set clear targets that are connected to what you truly want

  • Have a cash pool of back up money so you never get caught short again

  • Get your money working for you, it's not going to grow sitting in cash

  • Understand good debt & bad debt, and create a debt strategy to pay of any debt you do have

  • How to negotiate lower fees & higher income

  • Weekly trainings on money mindset & money management, that are yours to keep for life

  • Weekly homework to actually put this stuff into action so you can START now

  • Bonus training pre-work to get you primed and ready to build your wealth

  • Manage your cash flow without a budget training

  • Personal spending & asset builder worksheet

  • Increase your income masterclass & worksheet

  • Lifetime access to the Wolf Pack (business & money mentorship program)

  • Bonus: Invest Like A Queen program

  • Bonus: 10 day program Unshakable to be unshakable in your you-ness 

  • Live Q&A in the Wolf Pack each month for life

  • Access to the group for Life where you can ask questions & get ongoing bonus trainings  

  • 24 modules for you to keep for life

  • Monthly live Q&A just for the School of Money students

How it works

You'll get access to the program right away. You can begin the modules right away.  On November the 1st we start the LIVE bi-weekly sessions that are here to support you. You will also get access to the group with myself and other students to support you along the way.

You will start Invest Like A Queen right away, this is the  investment education piece which will be the foundation for the rest of the School of Money. Once completed you will begin the main curriculum which is designed to be done over 4 months, but you can take it as you please. You'll get access to the Wolf Pack for life, here you'll find hundreds of hours of masterclasses already loaded, the Wolf Pack is a community where we have at least 3 live sessions per month plus bonus trainings.

Bonus 1-01.png

Invest Like A Queen (Value $999)

5 part in-depth program to build and manage your own investment portfolio. Understand how the share market works, how the economy works, and how you can start investing today with as little at $10 per week. This is my most popular specialised program and for good reason.

Bonus 2-01.png


(Value $444)

In this program, over 10 days we will supersede all the bullshit and fast track your way to money & business success with unshakable faith in your purpose & inner guidance. I will teach you the exact strategy that I use for myself & for my clients to claim that fully embodied you that is wealthy, rich, sexy & savvy AF.

Bonus 3-01.png

skinny & enlightened

(Value $299)

You'll get lifetime access to my detox and fasting program. This is a 10-day practical program, including methods for liver, kidney & intestinal cleanses. I include masterclasses on occult & scientific practices for superior health and immortality. 

I asked students of School of Money what words they felt of when they thought of money before they started the program, here are some of them:









AT THe END OF THE program, I asked them the same question, here were their responses:










Register now. Simply select your preferred payment type below. You'll get access to the modules right away. We will go LIVE together on November the 7th with additional bi-weekly LIVE sessions and group support.

school of money curriculum 


More focus= More money. Get clarity on your ultimate life & set clear wealth goals. 


We tap into your future & most magnetic self using deep imaginings. 


Clarity on your current financial position. This is where you pull off the covers and you look at your income, expenses, debt and cash. 


Spring clean baby. We declutter the physical & the mental. 


We analysis the gap, the $$ difference financially between where you are and where you want to be.


We dig into the beliefs that are keeping you small & uncomfortable with wealth. 


Create 3 pillars of income. Increase income so you can meet your goals. We don't cut spending. 


Become a money-making idea generator. We use game theory to take your income to the next level.


Set up a winning automated cash flow structure that will mean never having to budget.


We bring forward the most unapologetic versions of ourselves.


We get clear on what is good debt vs bad debt, and how to pay off debt.


The two most important aspects in becoming the highest version of yourself, the knowing and the no.


Become your own safty net. Build up your own buffer account, and understand how insurances work and if you need them. 


Get to know who money is on an intimate level so you can attract more of it. 


Understand about asset classes & how to choose the ones that will best support your vision. 


Decide on who you are and what you're own policies are, what you're available for and what you're not available for.


Here you will build out a plan to buy or payoff your own home. We talk buying vs renting.


What to do when it's not working for you, you feel like it's just never going to happen and you want to give up.


Understand different tax structures.


Speak, act, think like a wealthy millionaire. The millionaire abundant mindset.


We analyse your retirement fund & compare funds. Work out how much you'll have at retirement & if you need to make extra contributions.


Take aligned action, understand how to access your inner roadmap directing you to exactly where you need to go.


Leave a legacy, get clear on where you want your wealth to go when you die and how to put your intentions in place. 


Implementation & reward yourself! Now you have your money automations set up, your financially smart, and your midset has been re-invented, it's time to make sure it all sticks so this now becomes your new normal.

Register now. Simply select your preferred payment type below. You'll get access to the modules right away. We will go LIVE together on November the 7th with additional bi-weekly LIVE sessions and group support.

Frequently asked questions

How much time do I need to commit?

You can work through the program at your own pace. If you keep up with the group, it will take around 2 hours per week, including the home play which is over 3 months.

Is the program live?

This program is a hybrid of both. The modules are pre-recorded so you can watch them at your own pace and pause them along the way. A live Q&A will be held bi-weekly, and you'll also have access to Freya and the other students throughout the program.

What if I'm super busy?

This program is available for you to work through at your own pace. There is no time limit, you will have lifetime access to it.

Do I need to have a financial understanding?

No. I provide everything from the very first step in a simple way to understand.

What will I get out of it?

You'll have your own financial roadmap and know how to implement it. You'll have the education to know how to change it as you change. Plus, you'll have a super solid money mindset.

Still have questions? Send me a message here.

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Register now. Simply select your preferred payment type below. You'll get access to the modules right away. We will go LIVE together on November the 7th with additional bi-weekly LIVE sessions and group support.