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starts feb 2

Master your business, finances & health


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A healthy money mindset teamed with investment education and aligned action is the winning recipe to EVERYTHING you've ever desired.


It all starts from the inside, it doesn't matter where you were born, who you parents are, how much you have in the bank.


What DOES matter is that you're WILLING to look inside and follow the internal compass. The universe gave you desires as a road map, not as something to renounce. It's your right to claim your dreams. 

Life feels hard when we allow our lives to be lived by the 'should' and the 'have too'


We know when we have fallen out of soul creation and into the rat race when we feel deep resistance to the day, like eating a bowl of mushy carrots and milk (hmmm that could be interesting).

What does FREEDOM feel like for you? to wake up without an alarm clock. to spend afternoons in the sun drinking tea and reading a good book. to have a sexy new car. to donate to the old dogs home. to travel to Istanbul. to work on something that lifts you up. to take your parents on a tropical holiday. Whatever the desire, know that it's all possible and is WAITING to be claimed. 

You already have the most important ingredient, DESIRE, team that with willingness to do the work on your money mindset and practical money management tools, GIRLFRIEND ain't nothing going to break your stride. 

Here is what people are saying about Freya's courses:

I what it's like to feel the resistance to life, I've felt stuck, I had other people running my life telling me where I needed to be, what time I needed to be there, even what I could and couldn't wear. 

When I was 8 I visited Bali with my Mum. I was totally captivated by the people, the land and the energy. I loved the way I felt there. I cried when it was time to leave, I wanted to stay and move to Bali, I said to Mum 'I'm going to live here'. Now 21 years later that came to fruition. In actual fact it took just a few months of teaming the intention with aligned action to bring it into reality. 

I have hundreds of recounts of dreams coming into reality just by teaming together a few powerful and practical practices together.

Good things come to those who wait & good things take time. Bullshit. Time has NOTHING to do with it, good things come to those who create a healthy internal environment and invest in themselves. 

Just like a garden, the seed is going to flourish if the soil is fertile, and if it's fed with sun & quality water. If you just throw the seed in the bush, like when I declared I was going to move to Bali, without doing any of the follow through work then it's not going to grow.

I was frustrated at life after working 10 years as a financial advisor & investment analyst, I studied economics & finance and one of the youngest to be awarded the CFP designation. I really had no idea of where else to go and how to unplug, let alone how to cultivate something beautiful that supported my freedom. 

Now I work when and where I want, with who I want. In fact I feel like I hardly work at all. 

I don't hustle. I meet life with ease & joy, and life ALWAYS meets me right back.



By changing my mindset to one that is supportive of growth, by calling in opportunities that bring more wealth, by redefining what wealth means to me, by teaming my knowledge of money & investments to provide me with freedom to support the way I want to live my life.

I have helped hundreds of people help themselves by sharing my investment and money management knowledge teamed with powerful mindset work that really does call in abundance.

There is no other course like this one, practical investment education teamed with money mindset tools.

In this 6 week course together we will build a strong money mindset, I'll share practical money management and investment knowledge & turn you into a SUPER money genius so you attract abundance into your life & know how to manage it. 



Freya made me question the things that I thought to be true about money

"Freya made me question the things that I thought to be true about money. The way that she structures the learning, from the foundation upwards, made it really clear and easy to make actual changes to my mindset, that have helped to propel me forward. I find that finance and incomes can get messy but Freya really helped me to categorise both in my head and also my money so that I have clear goals that are meeting my values

change my relationship with money and spending habits

I'm so at peace & happy now that I am taking steps forward to change my relationship with money and spending habits. Freya is a life changer



I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to start investing

Freya's course was well designed and structured as an introduction to investing. She is very knowledgeable and explains concepts clearly and concisely. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to start investing, even a few thousand dollars. Everything starts with something, and taking that first step is usually the hardest.



Life invests in you. When you invest in you.

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