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Below are a collection of favourite products .....ever

For Cleansing


The ZenCleanz One and ZenCleanz Forgive has been life changing. Never have I come across a more powerful (and also gentle) clean-out process, every detox expert I know who has experienced this agrees.

The intestinal cleanse cleaned out over 3kg of mucoid plaque which amounted to a full bucket. I did 7 intestinal cleanses and I'm now fairly clean, my digestion is quicker and I've lost bulk around my waist. 

The Forgive cleanse is a deep liver cleanse, this is more work to clean out. I use the ZenCleanz forgive along with other (cheaper) protocols. The liver is so important for digestion, even with a clean intestine, if the liver is blocked then bile won't flow and stagnation, candida, leaky gut, inflammation will persist. The liver is also very important for hormones. I've done 20 liver cleanses so far and will continue to do so.

I have a facebook group with my liver protocol you can join here.

To purchase the ZenCleanz in Australia you can buy it here.
To purchase anywhere else you can buy it here and use the discount code FREYASAVAGE to get a discount.

I am an affiliate of ZenCleanz and get commission if you use my code. I signed up as an affilate because I use the product myself not because I just wanted to make money from it. I think that is important to note. 


Nutrients to Build a Strong Vibrant System

Detoxing is important, butt nouriting is even more important. If we have a weak system detoxing is going to deplete us even more, and we all have weak systems releative to what we should have- we've all just never even met ourselves with boundless energy.

There is a huge misunderstanding about iron, we are all iron overloaded. The iron tests are ferritin in the serum is an inflammatory marker and a leakage product from damaged cells when we are being tested for anemia and iron levels, they are also not testing the tissues. This is something that shifted the way I understood health and simplified it without skimping. This and also the below is from Matthew Blackburn (he has an incredible podcast) and Morley Robbins, mineral experts. 

The minerals we are all deficient in are below. We should not supplement Iron, vitamin C, Calcium or Zinc, learn more here

It contains all of the animals and plants and their suite of minerals in the ideal forms, ratios and all complexed with a substance called fulvic acid. 
Fulvic acid is often taken as a liquid extract, but this is not ideal and likely harmful over time, especially to the bones. Fulvic acid taken in a whole food supplement such as shilajit is safe and effective. 

Where should I get it?
You want genuine, Gold Grade Himalayan Shilajit in its 100% pure and most potent form, as a paste. Real Shilajit is a legendary and very expensive commodity in India, and as a result the market is full of low grade imitations and even genuine Shilajit is often cut and contaminated with fillers. Many of the dry powder forms of Shilajit have tested for high levels of heavy metal contamination. In Australia I like this supplier since he sources it himself

Magnesium is required to convert vitamin D to its active form. It is a cofactor for zinc, copper, calcium and potassium. It is required to convert cholesterol into our sex hormones. It is required in the heart to have a healthy heartbeat and in our hippocampus to recall memories. It is required to make glutathione peroxidase, one of our master endogenous antioxidants. It is required to detoxify lead, aluminum and mercury.⁣ Learn more here

Where should I get it?
Magnesium is not all the same. We need 3 different types. Mitolife or Thorne.

Magnesium and copper are the two nutrients that are missing in anyone experiencing fatigue or a lack of energy. Both are depleted from the oxidative stress induced by the accumulations of calcification, lipofuscin and fibrosis. Find more about this here.

Where should I get it?
Bee pollen, beef liver, whole food vitamin c, and shilajit and spiralina.

The star in unfermented, unfortified CLO is by far retinol, preformed vitamin A. This fat soluble vitamin is essential for immune function, bone growth, night vision, cellular growth, testicular and ovarian function, and for the function of the swiss army knife protein ceruloplasmin, of which there are over 24 crucial functions.⁣

One teaspoon of Cod Liver oil contains 3900 IUs of retinol. Learn more here.

Where should I get it?
Pastured egg yolks, real butter and Rosita cod liver oil. Only use Rosita Cod Liver Oil, most Cod Liver Oils are not pure and rancid.

Vitimin E
vitamin E prevents lipofuscin formation and damage by Poly Unsaturated Fats. It is one of the major fat soluble vitamins that are required for vital health along with vitamin A, D, and K. Of those four vitamins, vitamin E is the hardest to find. 

Nature built it into all foods that contain PUFAs. Vitamin E is in grassfed beef, nuts, seeds, fish, shellfish and grains. The only thing is that vitamin E is lost when foods are heated.

Where should I get it?
A supplement with all 8 parts of the whole food vitamin E molecule, the only ones I've found are  Mito Life here or Thorne here. 

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