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10 days of unshakable faith & commitment TO YOUR PURPOSE & MESSAGE

Quit playing it small & fighting who you know you are and make the money you're ACTUALLY meant to be making


You know that deep down it's never been about doing more or learning the fancy strategies.


That the next level in business & money comes from fully stepping into your purpose, from the being unshakable in who you are.

You need unshakable faith baby.


The type of faith that when you're thrown through the washing machine on full power, and spat out onto the floor in a wet wrangled mess...

The kind of faith that even when your bank card declines, when your homeless, when your family breaks up, you feel totally misunderstood...

You're still willing to follow your dreams.

You're still willing to be extraordinary.

You're still willing to be all of you because the other path would be worse than death...

The one of fitting in, so you can walk like them, talk like them...

To be mediocre...


Because the thing is when you...


Decide to be rich

Decide to be wealthy

Decide to be great

Decide to be famous


It takes COURAGE...


The courage to surrender to your own being. That's fucking greatness.

You want it so bad that you start to 'perfect and refine' the self.

When actually every time you clean yourself up you move further away from the message, from your purpose.


The mess, the chaos, it's all you baby, it's all godly.

What I thought I needed to hide & clean up so I could be successful, wealth, rich, respected, loved. Actually left me as less of myself....


burnt out


& while I got some results, they weren't epic.


I was doing something for the result, rather than allowing the unfolding to be the result, rather then stepping fully into the faith knowing I'm always guided...all I ever need to do is:


Get out of my own fucking way & stop judging & start being. 


Let go of the resistance to those parts of you you're afraid to show.


Be willing to follow the desires & the dreams even if they are not logical, even if they are not rational.


But you have to be committed.... even if your views are not popular...even if you don't feel like it.

When I chose to have faith in my own truth, I became in full frequency of receivership.


The full frequency of receivership has allowed me to create a multi-6-figure business in the time it takes most people to launch their website.


It's allowed me to attract incredible clients who love to work with me, love to pay me, and who get results.


It's allowed me to step fully into a life that I desired. I don't work because I have to, but because I want to. I live where I want in the world, I have created a life with the man of my dreams, I have the most incredible friends. Not from strategy or planning, but from unshakable faith.

I'm a clear channel for the messages of truth and abundance.

But it's not for the faint-hearted.

You'll be pushed to what feels like the edge...


Most people say they want to be rich, they want to be wealthy, they want to create an extraordinary life...


But they are not willing to have faith & trust so when they follow integrity right to where they think the edge is they falter & run backwards...

Instead, they say 'maybe one day' and so they wait...


wait until it doesn't seem so risky

wait until they are invited by someone else

wait until they have more time

more sleep

more money

more experience...


Then wonder how they found themselves to be living a half-lived life...

Maybe they even say..... 'I tried, but it didn't work'...


But if they actually got really honest with themself...they know that deep down that the problem the whole time was that they were....'trying'.....rather than deciding to have unshakable unmovable faith.

You know that trying won't get you there.


Stop fucking saying that you'll try and punching dreams in the face.

When you know what you actually need to do is unlayer.


So take off all the crap of what you think you need to do and who you think you need to be.

Faith is surrender.


But surrender is not for the weak, it's for the strong. It's for those who commit and who will not settle.

Surrender is not sitting in meditation and doing 'work' on yourself everyday, while I'm all for that, this is not what I'm talking about...


No I'm talking about the surrender when you are mid-way through the most challenging thing you've ever done..... 


when your backs against the god damn wall.....


when you're sweating & bleeding.....


when you've got vomit on your shirt


when you've had the door slammed in your face for the billionth time...


when you feel like you have nothing left.... 


And then you release...


You release the resistance to need anything at all, you release the resistance to the fight anything & realise there is nothing to fight...


Then the next gear kicks in....


Where you are all in, where you just up-levelled, you just met a deeper layer of your own self, the one that decides that it has already happened, the one that knows everything she is meant to know, the one that is unshakable


You know exactly who you are, a never-ending tunnel of depth, directed by deep desires...

Desires and dreams that in fact are not even yours, but they are the roadmap for the part you are required to play in the universe...

They were not put in you to renounce or die a boring life of 'I could have'...

They are there to direct you, to play with life, to experience it fully...

In this frequency, you always know exactly what you want....


You never even have to make a decision because you are always directed on what action to take...


You are in full collaboration with the universe because you are the fucking universe.....


So start doing the damn job of being you.

In this program, over 10 days we will supersede all the bullshit and fast track your way to money & business success with unshakable faith in your purpose & inner guidance. I will teach you the exact strategy that I use for myself & for my clients to claim that fully embodied you that is wealthy, rich, sexy & savvy AF.

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So if you're done with hiding like a mouse in the corner thinking and risk assessing if you and you're message is good enough...

If you're getting OK results, but it feels slow & tedious and you just cannot seem to get through the wall of the 'normal' you've been created


If you have a fire to share with the world & it's so damn strong that sometimes it feels like you're going to implode...

If you're so ready to be that unshakable, on purpose, potent version of you that always decides what she wants and gets it.....

Then sign up now for Unshakable 10 days of unshakable faith & commitment TO YOUR PURPOSE & MESSAGE

UNSHAKABLE- Stop punching your dreams in the face and fast track your business & money results through unshakable purpose, knowing & faith

Get electrified by your own purpose, your own message, understand exactly what actions you're required to take to move into the money, wealth, & life you know you're meant to have.


The one who earns multiple 6 or 7 figures, the one who is a creator, the one who is unstoppable, the one who collaborates with faith.

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What you'll learn in this program:

  • Know exactly what your purpose is, no more dipping your toes in and out, go all in on what you know you're meant to do.

  • Get clear on the exact blueprint for your marketing & branding strategy to attract the clients who love to work with you and repeatedly buy what you sell

  • Share your message with clarity, authenticity and consistently

  • Learn your own multi 6 or 7 figure income strategy for your business 

  • Take action on your ideas and birth them into money-making impact driving services right away

  • Attract your tribe audience without the-colour-in-the-fucking-box audience building strategies

  • Create massive income from your message without even needing to have a massive audience

  • Build epic services & products that are easy & inflow that have repeat clients who buy everything you sell

  • Remove the anxiety and all the process between your message and how to put it out into the world

  • Get out of your own damn way and be a clean channel for ideas & the message to come through and birth it now!

  • Always have more than enough money & time.

  • How to get massive results with business & money while energising yourself & being in integrity

  • Surrendering to the emotional waves & understanding how to work with each one to create income & content rather than resisting and hiding

  • How to feel confident naked- metaphorically (actually also materially if you're into that) speaking in front of massive audiences

  • Bonus access to me during the training for Q&A (on the membership site)

  • Bonus access to a month in my private group mentorship, the Wolf Pack

  • Daily trainings & worksheets, that are yours to keep for life

  • Daily homework to actually put this stuff into action so you can START now

  • Bonus training pre-work to get you primed and ready 

  • Bonus workshop: money management practices for multi 6 figure businesses

  • Bonus meet your magnetic self workshop

  • EARLY BIRD Bonus 7 days private access to me

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"Just the right amount of I'm going to kick your ass into action."

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"She has really changed my money mindset and turned me into an artist."

Who this program is & is not for

This is for anyone who wants to make a shit load of money doing what they love & being them. This is for people who have a message and are ready to share it with the world. This is also for people who already are already sharing their message with the world but are ready to shift into the next gear.

Is it for those who don't know what their message is? Yes, if you're ready to dive in and have unshakable unfuckable faith in yourself. No, if you're looking for the 4 step strategy & not yet willing to take responsibility for your life.

If you want to create massive income & be in total service by- being fully you -by being a clear channel to receive guidance -by taking the ALIGNED action, then this is for you.

And what I'll also be covering:

  • Guidelines to create an unshakable business strategy

  • What to strategies & messages to actually listen to and what is just crap clouding your potency

  • How to create multiple 6 figures with less than 3 hours per day of  'work'

  • What I do when I'm out of flow & out of alignment to still get the results I desire

  • How I create daily content & sales messages that attract clients

  • Ways to step into faith when you are feeling shaky & unsure, and how I ground myself back into that place of full abundance & trust

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"I have shifted beliefs and major breakthroughs"


"A better relationship with money & a more soul aligned life"

Plus you get all of this when you join!


Unshakable Pre-Work Bonus

Pre-work to set up your unshakable, unwavering message & you-ness

Bonus's to help you get clear on your life vision & intention 

Bonus 1 month private group mentorship

Monthly workshop (LIVE) with a focus on a specific topic each month focused on money management, business growth, personal expansion, mega-money creation.

Monthly one-on-one coaching session with a Wolf Pack member chosen at random each month, recorded and available for all members to listen and receive messages for themselves through. 

Access to the group community of bad-ass high-energy entrepreneurs in the Wolf Pack 

Access to Freya through the group, ask anything and you shall receive

Bonus trainings & workshops throughout the month and all previous trainings

Bonus meet your most Abundant-Self workshop

Meet your most abundant magnetic self through the incredible inner journey I use personally and with my clients

The most abundant & magnetic self is literally who will get you to exactly where you want to go

This recording is for you to keep to connect.

Bonus money management practices for 6-figure businesses

Training on exactly how I manage my money in my business & personally

Strategies for reducing cash leakages & creating structure & fluidity in cash flow


Still unsure? It's pretty simple, you either want to step fully into who you know you're meant to be- wealthy, rich & purposeful & in flow with life....or you don't. 

They definitely don't teach you this shit at school, but I will XX